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for Searching for a Home

4/27/2017 c3 2ShadowAthems
Your story was pretty cute, funny and nice mate. I wonder if you'll write another for this pairing, it's a shame the small amount of stories of them. But anyways, nice work.
4/8/2017 c1 Guest
I still don't understand what Jonny found under ash's bed and why it would light up?
3/16/2017 c3 2Bgnsteal
The grandma is washing the dishes I seeeee ;)

But I'm glad that ash got a home, and the 2 are like sisters -

I really love it! :D

What I love most about this is that it came 100% from you, not like your :/ eh stories that you just rewrite the whole movie.
3/12/2017 c3 9SausageNick
Awesome story! I love it!
3/10/2017 c1 SausageNick
Hahahaha, I love this chapter! I'm curious about what was in that shoe box, tho. And I hope Ash sticks with Buster just for a day! ;)
1/31/2017 c2 Guest
(Buster x ash pls ) also gunters place ash gets much annoyed i love this chapter and that officers are from zootopia and lance begging around ash to stay with him keep up the good work if some say something bad to you it will come back to them
1/22/2017 c2 JunjouRomanticafortheWinxoxo
This is getting so interesting! I can't believe you added Nick and Judy from Zootopia into this! XD Didn't see that coming! I'm not sure if I read this wrong, but I was under the impression that Meena has a crush on Ash and that this story has the potential to be a Meena x Ash story. I don't know, I'm kind of hoping so, because I've read too many Johnny x Ash stories already. Gotta mix things up a bit! LOL but yeah, this is great, you should definitely add more to this and definitely have Ash stay over at Meena's place. I also just want to point out that I found a few silly mistakes in your story, like words missing or being used out of content. Just be careful with your grammar and proof read it if you can. Anyway, I can't wait to read more!
1/21/2017 c1 JunjouRomanticafortheWinxoxo
This is such an interesting story! I love the idea of Ash trying out each of her friends' places while she finds a new apartment.
1/18/2017 c1 20Noble-XI Bishop
1/15/2017 c1 125VickyT36
Pretty good start.

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