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for Cigarettes and Splinters

7/14/2020 c1 1jackie.xxi
so good, it could be made cannon
6/15/2020 c1 juldoozicloud.com
Everything in this is beautiful. This is perfect and it’s canon. This is what happened! How did you know? You did it so well!
2/9/2020 c1 CinnamonStuff
Oh, loved this! Thank you for writing such a beautiful little piece of closure!
2/8/2020 c1 Anya
Wow! This is honestly the best fanfic I've ever read, you should seriously consider being a writer if you're not already! :)))
10/21/2019 c1 CumberBiscuit02
Omygahd. I've never thought of Moriarty doing that and that made so much sense!
10/11/2018 c1 Faybian
7/22/2018 c1 1Tweak Tweak
I just loved that, to be honest. Loved it. Thanks for posting it.
6/20/2018 c1 aslooneyastheyget
This is so beautiful! Hands down the best aftermath fanfic I've ever read!
5/19/2018 c1 66Virtuella
Beautifully written!
4/15/2018 c1 daisy321
Perfect in every way
2/20/2018 c1 Guest
Sigh. So lovely! This is how Molly and Sherlock should end up. I never understood why the writers didn't give viewers any aftermath or resolution to that incredible scene: Sherlock's wrenching confession, Molly's last second reply, and then his wild destruction of the coffin. I understand that writers wanted to avoid tying the relationship up with a neat little bow, but not even one glimpse of how they recover? But this story is what it should be, so perfect: Molly removing the splinters from Sherlock's hands.
2/18/2018 c1 4TheoristEagle
It was simply beautiful and true to the characters. I love all your stories. You my friend, are an exceptional writer.
1/29/2018 c1 girl0verboard
This was absolutely lovely! I loved it
11/29/2017 c1 9kaoruca
This the most fucking incredible amazing fic I've read! It HAS TO be canon. The only thing is that the meaning of breaking the coffin was more complex than that. I think he knows he has hurt her so deeply that he would never be able to fix it. When he closes it (before shattering it) it's like he knows that their relationship is dead. But I want to think that that second "I love you" is for real. That he realises that he really loves her. Wonderful, wonderful work. Thank you so so much for writing and sharing this gem. You made cry as a little baby. Love it with all my heart
10/23/2017 c1 deemura
oh thank you. One of the best post tfp one shot.
and I love how we perceive Molly as the stronger one in their relationship, whatever it was, whatever it is. I hate that some people think little of her, consider her as a weak and timid because she doesn't really sass around him, or she just accepted whatever emotional pains Sherlock caused. You showed us in this story, she's hurting inside, and yet, being a bigger person, being the stronger one emotionally, she let Sherlock in, she let him grieve. All of those doesn't make her weak, she nurtured him, and by doing that they would heal together. It's not easy, but they got each other. Nothing abusive about them. God I hate that word.
Thank you again for this amazing story.
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