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5/26/2019 c15 Kitsune Obsessed Freak
I do have to ask that you mention what pairings there are in the future, especially if it's going to be a same sex pairing. That kind of stuff kills my will to read a story. Especially if it's not mentioned in advance. Honestly, if you had mentioned it before hand, I would not have been as bothered by it and would have prepared myself going in. As of now, I will stop reading this due to lack of warning. Sorry if that bugs you, but i don't read books like this if they don't even try to warn you that there are pairings like that. Mostly because of bad memories of yaoi stories that didn't say that they were and jumping into gross scenes pretty quickly. Not saying this book is like that, but please warn people next time with proper tags
5/25/2019 c11 Kitsune Obsessed Freak
This book is damn good. I didn't think it would be at first, but I'm glad I gave it a try. I must share this with anyone who I can find that like fan fiction. Not a lot of people in my town read this stuff, but if I was to show then this one, they'd be insta-hooked
5/25/2019 c6 Kitsune Obsessed Freak
Poor child prompto. Even the author thinks he looks sad... Lol
4/13/2019 c22 107Scififan33
Loved it! Go Aerith! Loved the boys meeting in the dream world. Sad it took Noctis so long to realise who Prompto was. Very glad he was able to open up to all three of them about his past and that they all accepted it. Glad the footballers were dealt with before they could try anything. Noctis and Prompto were so cute together!
4/15/2018 c22 LexaGonnaScream
Not gonna lie, I might have just binge read this entire thing, squealing because of cuteness and yes most of the time! I loved it so much aaaaand now I'm gonna go binge read the sequel! Thanks for the amazing story!
10/10/2017 c7 Seele Zeit
I'd just like you to know that this finally made me realize what "miss the forest for the trees" means, and that I do just that.
6/27/2017 c21 menright6
Good story! Keep writing. Thank you very much!
4/1/2017 c22 2Sai Hikawa
You have opened my eyes to the possibility of noctprom. Thank you.
3/22/2017 c22 2Allroundfangirli
Perfect. This is perfect. ()
3/16/2017 c22 12KHGiggle
I got the Lali Ho reference!
Okay, so now I need to look for a different story...I guess it'll be more action packed than this one. Wonder if Prompto being an almost-MT will have an impact sooner than before.
Oh! Will we get to see that white chocobo again? I have no idea how long they live, but that would be a sweet reunion.
3/15/2017 c22 10o0-The-Melodious-Nocturne-0o0
And we've reached the final chapter. I'm both sad to see this end and excited to read what happens next. lol :) Another fantastic chapter, especially for an ending. :) Well, if Noct had to marry someone else at least he's marrying someone as cool as Luna. :) lol I loved the mint rule. I totally get it too, outside of like one brand that I can't even remember now I can't stand the tast of mint ice cream! lol
And, of course Ignis researched for them! lol Ah, another returne of the lasagne, It still sounds delicious to be honest. lol :) The necklaces sound pretty. :) Also Aerith gives like the best gifts apparently! lol I'd kill for that bag! :) I'm glad that Prom got to say goodbye to his parents before leaving (I wonder if it's their final goodbye..) and it's sad that Regis and Noct didn't have time for a private conversation before he left. :(( Regis is such a good dad that deserved better. :) I can't wait to read the sequel and see just how much you decide to stray from canon! Once, again this was a fantastic story from start to end! :)
3/14/2017 c21 0o0-The-Melodious-Nocturne-0o0
Another fantastic chapter! :D lol It's a good thing that Umbra isn't like normal post and therefor can't be intercepted! Noct puts a lot of personal information in those letters. I guess that might be one of the reasons him and Luna don't talk/text via phone. Too easy to hack. :) Aw yeah, Expert marksmen Prom. I love it. :) Also, I REALLY love what you're doing with the sight. With the kill shots and protect me. It's awesome! :) lol And Prom and Luna finally write to each other. Of course the blondes become friends. Can anyone really avoid becoming friends with Prom? lol Also, the "hello opening" line is one of his lines from the game isn't it? If so, lovely little easter egg/homage, whatever that'd be called. lol And the Tenebraen BBQ makes another appearance! :) I think that that's everything but I might've missed something. lol I'm tired. Anyway, either way you decide, drag it out a bit longer or do a time jump I can't wait to read more! :)
3/13/2017 c20 12KHGiggle
I have actually heard of the real amber room. Saw a documentary about it too. The pictures they showed were pretty amazing.
These two are pretty cute. Way better than the typical progression you see in fanfics.
...Malfoy? Seriously? Now, there's no way I can picture this guy as a football player.
3/12/2017 c20 10o0-The-Melodious-Nocturne-0o0
Aw, cute chapter! :) Also, Oh man second-hand embarrassment is so real. (though not as bad as it could've been.) Aerith you troll! lol Man, Prom and Noct are in for a truckload of teasing aren't they? lol I love it! :) COR! Excuse me while I fangirl over my fave please. :D lol Aw, yeah! Gladio, Ignis AND Cor? The football trio doesn't know what hit them. B3 AND JEFF! YES! I love it! I bet Cid would've been right there with them too (even if only in sharing the sentiment) if he'd been in the citadel. No one can escape liking Prom at least a little bit. No one. :) MALFOY. That's fantastic! Tell me, were the other two named Crabbe and Goyle? Please? lol Fantastic! :) You bring up very good points with the whole Noctis Luna marriage. I always wondered about the whole rulling thing too. I mean, I guess in the game technically Tenebrae is taken over by Niffleheim right? Which I assume would put them under Niff rule and therefor neither Ravus or Luna would really be leading their country? Eh whatever, yeah you made good points. :)
Anyway, another great chapter! Can't wait to read more! :)
3/11/2017 c19 0o0-The-Melodious-Nocturne-0o0
Another excellent chapter! :) Hmm, I'll probably miss some things but here we go. ;) Ooh, Ignis can hack can he? Brilliant. :) I loved doodle-ing Regis! lol I do that all of the time. You give me any kind of paper (even something like napkins), something to write with and enough time, I will 100 percent end up drawing on it. Even if I'm not supposed too. lol Regis is such a good dad too. I like good dad Regis. :) So, something's fishy with the lab explosion then. I never even though anything of it, which thinking back on it I really should have! lol Aerith's on the case though, so no worries there I guess. :) Aww, itty bitty Noct needed that hug so much. Poor thing. :( And Noct, finally figured out where he knew Aerith from too. :) That chocolate mousse cheescake sounded fantastic by the way! lol (Sorry, I'm still stuck eating soft food for another day or two, since I had my tooth pulled. There's only so much peaches and cream oatmeal and chicken noodle soup a girl can eat before she starts craving unhealthy junkfood you know?) Prom sure is in a happy mood. lol Boy must really like chocolate. Noct should remember that. ;) The boys finally managed to beat Demyx then. I'm not going to lie, by the time I managed I was freaking giddy about it. I practically did a victory dance. lol My sister laughed at me. Yay, Grumpy cat Cid. lol Is he really that grumpy though, or does he just have resting grouch face I wonder. :) Either way, for him to be impressed Prom must be doing something right! lol Ah, Jeff is a wonderfull character. :) Celebretory BBQ is the only wait to celebrate! The spicier the better! That bracelet totally sounds like something I'd wear! (If you know, my wrists weren't too thin for bracelets. lol They never want to stay on.:C) If Noct is trying to be subtle I'm not sure it's working. lol I think that's pretty much it. lol Awesome as always and I can't wait to read more! :)
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