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for Torn Apart (Almost)

1/18/2017 c1 173Claude Amelia Song
You portrayed them well, but they felt a bit out of character. Really I cannot see Arthur behaving like this and talking with Molly like that or Molly staying that calm, consideringly that she is pregnant. So for this I am taking two points off. They feel too different.
It is original, but not as I hoped. For my part it is a bit cliche that the woman does not want to for her husband and herself to go to war/fight because she is with child. Two points here.
It flowed well.
You have some SPaG mistakes but they are less than ten so no points taken here
You used the prompts and you fulfilled the task, but the usage of one of them” love was tearing them apart” it seemed a bit out of order there.
Overall a good story.

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