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for Red Light District

1/18/2017 c1 Axel Fones
Oh my god, Ruby is too adorably sheltered XD
1/17/2017 c1 Guest 4
Nice one shot, to bad I have an almost irrational loathing of Neon. But on that note, you characterized her very well.
1/17/2017 c1 2the kitty killer
Damn... Now I have to read the full thing.
Curse you, overly good story telling!
1/17/2017 c1 6THB4
Love this short I will check out that story. I wonder how Yang will take it that Ruby fell in love with a hooker and that they want to date Ruby. I also wonder what happened to Ruby in her past did Blake dump her and Ruby tried to kill herself. Was Yang living on her own and Ruby was living with Tai but after her attempt Yang didn't trust Tai to help Ruby because of his crippling depression.
1/17/2017 c1 22Haley Earthstone
I love the way this ends! And it is definitely a perfect set up. Won't say more than that so I don't leave a spoiler!

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