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for A Wizard's Guide to 'Banking'

2/1 c20 Guest
Wow this is good. I've spent the last few days reading it, on and off in between work, and it's just such a marvelous piece of writing.

Your actual technical ability - getting the spelling and punctuation right just to begin with - is a wonder to experience. So often fanfiction is plagued with niggling little errors that don't ruin the work but do make me stumble in enjoying it to the fullest. Here, there's practically nothing that.

The characters all feel like individuals with their own lives and thoughts, instead of just being cutouts or mouthpeices for whatever you want to say. You've also picked a great time period to start in so that the various changes you make to the setting have time to affect characters so they don't seem to be acting against what the reader might expect of their canon selves (although a lot of focus is on original characters or canon characters who recieve almost no characterisation).

And the story is just a perfect mix of political intrigue, personal developement, and a slowly growing 'oh god it is all about to hit the fan and I can not wait to see it!' mess, with each chapter progressing things nicely. Nothing feels wasted, I didn't feel like skipping any of the more descriptive sections.

This is just a treat.

I hope you write more, though at your own conveniance of course. Otherwise, good luck to any other endeavours you might pursue and thank you for what you've given us.
1/26 c19 nilluminator
You are missed!
1/2 c20 5Debate4life
Love this story
11/24/2022 c20 Monitor2o3
Great chapter :-)

Can’t wait for Gamp and friends to realize what’s happening in the mundane world - also, how is it affecting the mundane world?

The amount of magical accidents must be increasing, meaning it’s easier to find a pattern of something weird…
10/15/2022 c20 melodicRabbit
Whew! Things are so much worse in so many ways, and it's interesting to see the tracks you've taken to get them there, but poor Graham is going to be very blindsided once he gets over his jet lag... Thanks for writing this fic, it's one of my favorites and I adore the level of creativity that goes into it!
10/9/2022 c20 Shandrakor
Delightful story just read the whole thing in one sitting. I do like the butterflies you sent flying at points like saving Dalila and such. I do wonder about just what they are going to be teaching at that school. Are the longbottoms are going to be involved with the new school him being there during the attack makes me think they might. Either using his muggle healing skills along with the magical to help somehow. I can see Augusta longbottom teaching a wizard tradition class which seems to be something the purebloods whine about the muggleborn not knowing. Hope to see you continue this even if it takes time.
10/2/2022 c20 MargaritaS
Wow, this seems to be headed into a very dark place... I hope there is a happy ending to look forward to. I am very eager to read more :)
9/17/2022 c20 12excessivelyperky
I'm joining this rather late, but I am very intrigued by your story thus far.

Yes, a flood of muggleborn students is definitely going to upset any number of applecarts, and probably tear up a round dozen or so of cobblestones in the bargain.

And if the Horcruxes can be dealt with while Voldie is still Vapormort, why, that would be so sensible that I'm surprised the magical world cares for it.

Nice chapter!
8/21/2022 c20 1Robyn.Girl.Wonder.93
I love this story!

I can't wait to see the army of muggleborn students arriving at Hogwarts and the absolute fit the Magical World is going to have!
8/18/2022 c20 52insanedairyfarmer
Well, hello! This fic was recced by AndrewWolfe, author of The Ghost Of Privet Drive, and I'm so very glad I looked it up! Your work is a fantastic read, and an excellent take on the butterfly effect (or maybe, actual competent witches and wizards). Keep up the good work!
8/18/2022 c20 90Aesop
More please. I'm really enjoying this story.
8/9/2022 c20 mumphie
A wonderful story! Not sure how/what the new muggleborns will do when they come of age to go to Hogwarts. Not sure what Harry will do since he is a halfblood and they also seem to be low status. Would like to see more of Harry and any he makes friends with. Did they ever help Frank? Is Alice going insane by living with her mother-in-law? will
Sirius allow Harry to go to the school? Will he meet Hermione, Finch-Fletchley, and all?
8/7/2022 c20 riverraiden
I'm afraid I don't have any worthwhile feedback to give you, but I can certainly say that I am looking forward to seeing how this plays out. You have made a wonderful world which kept me reading it the entire day, and for a bookworm like me, that's saying something.
7/14/2022 c20 1MichelleRae18
I’m loving this story! Hope to read more!
7/2/2022 c20 nilluminator
What a thrilling ride! I just finished it in a little over two hours, and I am jubilant to see you have maintained writing this story over 5 years.

You have my full-throated support. The premise is unique, and the OCs are wonderfully tailored to take the plot forward. And indeed I, alongside many others, look forward to where you take the story.
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