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for A Wizard's Guide to 'Banking'

6/21/2021 c8 2obliviated fan
That's another thing. Canonically, the Lestranges and Barty Crouch Jr. did have a trial, and Bellatrix openly proclaimed her loyalty to Voldemort.
6/21/2021 c7 obliviated fan
I'm sure this has been commented already, but in canon, wasn't the attack on the Longbottoms like 2-3 days after Halloween, after the attack on the Potters? And people already knew about that attack the same night, and spent all of the next day, November 1, celebrating.
6/18/2021 c18 Fallow57
xXxX Kudos XxXx : )
6/18/2021 c18 Bisque-Ware
I am really loving this fic. I'd never thought about a bunch of these ideas(like flipping houses with magic) but its super cool. I can't wait to see the school start. Also, Albus is acting super sus. I hope he's incompetent rather than malicious in this fic. Some events you've written have triggered my manipulative Dumbledore trope senses. Anyway, anything you write will be perfect I'm sure. Thanj you!
6/3/2021 c18 4Rumidha
What a fascinating and absolutely excellent story. I loved reading this. Your attention to detail and world building are excellent, and your characters are a delight. I look forward to seeing where you go with this!
5/28/2021 c18 2HPMARIE
Amazing story!
5/21/2021 c18 2Fire Tempest
This is still a fantastic story - thank you!
5/16/2021 c18 7GetWithIt
Love this.
5/7/2021 c18 fanfictionlover1234567890
This is so good!
Hope you haven't abandoned it.
5/2/2021 c18 The-Capricious-One
Really enjoyed reading this story; thank you so much for writing :)
5/2/2021 c5 The-Capricious-One
Always love the moment when an AU starts to make notable differences from the canon... And this is a great start to that, very interesting :)
5/2/2021 c18 1Crispyangelwings
I love this so much, looking forward to seeing where you take it.
4/28/2021 c18 MooNOrchiD
While most of the theoretical musings and medical information goes over my head...I find this story very enjoyable. Read through it in a single afternoon. Or rather had Siri’s robot voice read it to me.

I’ve been looking for a ‘Muggleborn decides the topple the wizarding world and help their fellow muggleborns’ for a while now. And I’m happy I came across this story will pilfering some of my other favorite fanfic writers’ follows list.

Thanks for the effort you put into this story and I hope you have fun writing it.
4/21/2021 c18 3mishap
This is fantastic. I am sick as a dog and I can't stop reading. I love the fact that you have seamlessly joined canon and AU while maintaining a rational plot. I hope you don't get buried in RL problems and go on hiatus again, because this story is too good to let lapse.
4/4/2021 c11 16Blackbird0
Hahaha also the legions of babies Sirius was thinking of made me roar with laughter>.< dumbledoor is going to be horrified when he figures it out later on hehe
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