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for A Wizard's Guide to 'Banking'

6/18/2022 c20 1RoseBlackthorn
Thank you for continuing this story. It is creative, well written, and provides great character development. I'm so excited to see the reactions to the new generation of muggleborns! The aspect I'm looking forward to the most is first contact with the families of the new generation.
6/8/2022 c20 Greed
Now that is a summer Gift I did not expect, but which I am very grateful for.
This fiction is the only one of it's kind and you're very good at showing a diversity of morals and of creativity. I find it to be as much educational as a pleasure to read.
I was delighted to find out that you decided to keep pusuing this piece and I can't express how needed I believe it to be. Thank you very much for it, I hope to read you again sometime.
6/6/2022 c20 Wolf The Silver Eyes
Interesting story, i'd like to see more, keep up the good work
6/1/2022 c20 Snowball1982
Nice. Thanks. Snowball
5/26/2022 c20 6Aoi Shinkaze
This is so so brilliant, I've definitely burned an entire day of break doing nothing but reading, I can hardly wait to see how the oncoming train of muggleborns does to the carefully crafted pureblood world!

Oh the tears are going to be BEAUTIFUL~
5/15/2022 c20 Varin
This is disturbing. Dumbledore has traded away Hogwarts' autonomy from ministry interference. It shows his willingness to sacrifice non-purebloods for the greater good. [His definition, of course.] He can't hire Snape to replace Slughorn, and are you going to make him fire McGonnagall too? She's a muggle-raised half-blood. Maybe Lockwood can use an experienced school administrator?

I feel a bit sorry for Ollivander and son. They need to take on an apprentice or two to handle the tsumani of incoming muggle-borns.
4/28/2022 c20 3The Woolly Llama
Well hot diggity damn, what a chapter! I really enjoyed having Gamp's thought processes laid out like that.
4/28/2022 c10 The Woolly Llama
Finding Pettigrew should be pretty simple given that the Aurors have his thumb, honestly it could only be better if he had handed his freely severed finger to an Auror.
4/28/2022 c20 Aratherfluffyfatcat
Enjoying the story thanks
4/16/2022 c20 12Village-Mystic
So that's something... interesting, but for the next generation to change.
4/16/2022 c19 Village-Mystic
Dark times.
4/16/2022 c18 Village-Mystic
Is Graham supplying the sample or were those Sirius Black samples in the UK?
4/16/2022 c14 Village-Mystic
They may have to start as a summer school for eight though ten year olds, before they could even consider going younger.
4/16/2022 c13 Village-Mystic
I'm hoping that they don't mess up and take an extra week or two on the next house. The first one was done extra fast, they can reason due to enthusiasm. After that, hard work and more being careful on the repairs, instead of "blasting" their way through the chores necessary.
4/16/2022 c20 bkerrmom1
I am looking forward to seeing what comes next !
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