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for The Little Tenno and the Tall Grineer

6/5 c19 Guest
I enjoyed this more than I should have but thanks for the chapter!
5/17 c19 Anonymous
Great till Myrrha was introduced... smh
9/1/2020 c19 come back
Why have you just abandoned this comic? It was a really good one too. And ending it on a cliffhanger? Really? Please just another page. It's been over 2 years at this point.
1/24/2020 c2 Santan Suprah
how did this escalate to this
1/24/2020 c2 Santan Suprah
what am i even reading rn, im outtie
12/14/2019 c13 Clown2107
Well, in spite of everything that happened, I would have liked Ren to become the King of the Grineers, I hope that in the future Ren will meet the queens again and maybe find them again with his offspring.
8/23/2019 c19 RandomReader
I know its kinda pointless to comment now since this hasnt been updated in a year, but I wanted to tell ya that I liked this story very much!, I know it probably wont be getting an update ever again, but Im grateful for the entertaining (and smutty) moments you gave me, I wish so much that we would get some more Smut scenes with Nidus, but what we have is fine.

Thanks for writing this, hope you update again sometime, if not its fine, have a nice life!
11/17/2018 c1 1Makaphin
Like most of anyone else, I can appreciate smut and stuff like that. However the way this is written makes this a bit hard to read. Heavy Gunner-chan acts a bit OOC for their behavior in-game (but that's just me), the pacing of the writing itself is a notch too fast, paragraph structure made some things hard to follow, and the dialogue made me go "Really?" most of the time. This is only the first chapter that I'm reading, I admit, but first impressions DO matter.
11/14/2018 c1 Guest
Instead of sudo worrying about a grineer on his ship you have him tasing the operator. Instead of laying down character's thoughts and feelings through inner monologues, you have a simple and straightforward approach as if a grinner and tenno getting together is anything BUT normal, I don't care if you may have explained it lter on, but most readers leave if a story has a crap intro, nex ttime tell us HOW special the grineer is either thorugh development of the typical character archetype of twisted bullied/ outcast girl or something else, instead of this lame piece of crap.
8/2/2018 c10 2Black Doberman
i wont lie and say that the ida of this story is bad, becasue its actually pretty good. the thing i havw a problem with is the fact that this story seems way to forced. like how freya was introduced. or how ren just basically fucks anything with a hole and contradicts himself sometimes. again i think this has potential but it seems like your wasting most of it with smut. im going to give this fic a few more chapters and then decided if ill finish it. hope you continue to write for the people that really enjoy this fic.
7/30/2018 c18 Kenny9x3
7/30/2018 c15 Kenny9x3
... After reading this chapter, I'm just pissed off at how shortsighted Ren is.
7/7/2018 c17 OptimusMaximusAuthor
It dropped my last review on chapter 1 when it was for chapter 17
6/27/2018 c6 Guest
Sexual assault of a virgin is not magically more or less traumatizing than sexual assault of somebody who isn't a virgin. How did "Freya" get away with this on the grounds that Banou wasn't a virgin?

Ren, maybe the reason all the women you have sex with cry is because you're a rapist.

Also, author, don't show us Ren being consistently physically abusive and then tell us he isn't often physically abusive.

And for anybody reading this who hasn't had enough sex ed to know, going from anal to vaginal sex is a fantastic way to get infections.
6/25/2018 c4 SirMandokarla
Man, there just isn't an emotionally healthy person in the bunch, is there? Three lemony parts so far, and the first was abusive, the second was trauma-caused and trauma-inducing, and the third was taking advantage of an emotionally vulnerable person. I'm hoping this story ends with a whole bunch of people learning how to not rape other people.
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