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for The Little Tenno and the Tall Grineer

6/24/2018 c17 Guest
I really wanted too see nidus fight the other tenno, but, you never know
6/17/2018 c11 Kenny9x3
I just found this story yesterday night, and I can’t stop reading it! I LOVE straight-shota and chapter 11 was a dream come true for me. If your still writing, what would you think about a shota-Commander Shepherd(from Mass Effect) being paired up with an experimental, voluptuous/curvy-bodied Geth unit after being captured?
5/25/2018 c17 ME
This went nuts! I need the continuity of this chapter right now. ima say u are mastering your wrting abilities and story-telling. now I want to know what tyl regor has done.
5/22/2018 c17 1Benthino
...Go on.
5/21/2018 c1 OptimusMaximusAuthor
The first two paragraphs this chapter made me lay down for a few hours and contemplate my existence. 10/10 best smut of all time
5/21/2018 c17 TheLoneTenno
haha I always enjoy reading your story man! hope to see more soon! I can't wait :D
4/21/2018 c16 JackTile
this confuses me alot with the whole one shot like story but i love it
4/15/2018 c16 TheLoneTenno
will ren obtain Excalibur umbra? huehue
4/2/2018 c16 E-kingmoney18
Interesting ending to the chapter
4/1/2018 c16 1NiitroGh0st
Eh, even without the smut I still think it's a great story. Please keep doing more!
4/1/2018 c16 1Benthino
Dat Ass has Mass. It must be rescued at all costs, I will aid in this if necessary!
3/30/2018 c2 7infadinityfollower
:) pretty good
3/30/2018 c1 infadinityfollower
Good Stuff
3/26/2018 c1 canadiangold
Alright, color me interested! I couldn't help but giggle at how silly the situation in the storage closet was but beyond this this is pretty solid stuff!
12/23/2017 c14 OptimusMaximusAuthor
Well, the Tenno are supposed to be tweens so it makes sense their personal lives aren't really of high priority. Also, stuttering might be a little overdone. It's nice for effect, but kinda becomes annoying when it's constantly breaking the flow of dialogues. I think I know where you're going with the Grineer King thing, and it sounds really interesting! Keep up the good work!
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