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for The Little Tenno and the Tall Grineer

12/20/2017 c12 Loneeyes
We need some worm sex >~>
11/23/2017 c13 TheLoneTenno
haha! that was a twist! Didn't think Nisha was the daughter of seal hah!
11/19/2017 c13 E-kingmoney18
Oh wow so he got banou pregnant that fast.
What a surprise Nisha mom is the queen that Ren smash
11/19/2017 c11 E-kingmoney18
Damm brother man ren been destined to smash these chicks like nothing .
11/18/2017 c10 E-kingmoney18
am im reading a non harem story
Great story dude especially with men & a female grineer. The 1st half reminded me of claymore a bit with raki & claire
10/16/2017 c12 TheLoneTenno
when is the new update?I'm dying hereeeeee
9/26/2017 c12 mgasmsms
Well, Part 3 with the Worm session. #JustDoIt
9/26/2017 c12 TheLoneTenno
I'm really loving this story! Keep it up! C: also idk how you do it but I now have a kink for grineear women xD
9/26/2017 c12 2GalactaIsBest
I can't even EXPRESS how fucking relieved I was to see Ren DOMINATING the shit out of the Queen's shit.

Oh, bud, pal, it was just so unsatisfying and uncomfortable to see Ren, the male we know to love his dominance, getting so bossed around.

BUT HIS TRIALS PAYED OFF. You know, I would actually love to see a Part 3 and maybe Ren even manages to even finish the work of Tyl Regor.

You just have No idea how happy the Dominant-Me is right now. Thank you for this.

Heck, who knows. The Grinner/Tenno become best buds even, with the Twin Queens ruling not behind or under, but With their King.~

Oh! This can really be an entire fanfic if you're feeling up to it!
9/25/2017 c12 2MysteriousChallenger
Didn't think anyone could make the Grinner queen sexy but goddammit did you pull it off with ease. Amazing! Love this story!
9/25/2017 c11 LordMentat
Cant wait for more updates. Hard to find a decent WF fic that is good and dose not have the grammer of a 5-year old.
9/12/2017 c11 2GalactaIsBest
My, oh my! You're a real inspiration, you know that champ~? Ah~! And your REALLY fucking successful in getting me all hot and bothered~

Say, I don't know alot about the Warframe verse, so could you, if willing, explain just a little bit of stuff about it next chapter? Don't make it the forefront but I meant it when I said I really want to make a smut of my own~
9/11/2017 c4 GalactaIsBest
Let me just say this deserves SO many more reviews and recognition, truly. It's a fantastic piece of work I enjoy. The plot and sex is well done. Dynamic character development. IT'S AWESOME!

I really just hope that female dog Myrrha gets beat the fuck up too!

Oh! You've inspired me good sir, or is it madam? I'm actually thinking of posting a story myself on my other account 'daemoniclover24'. Who knows! Maybe we can hop together and make something work!

And please, PLEASE make yo boy Polyamorous. Not maybe good fanfictions such as These really use it all that much. You know~? I think it would be interesting to say the least. Lol

Till' next time! Ciao~!
9/10/2017 c11 Arc
...Sela Ver'koom?

8/29/2017 c10 1Benthino
Atta boy Ren. Git dat grineer booty. I look forward to the next part my friend, well done. Few bring such pleasurable writing as you do, perhaps because you use an extra thicc grineer but eh. Works great. Keep it up.
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