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for The Little Tenno and the Tall Grineer

8/24/2017 c1 1The 13th Tiger II
Damn... so Rem got corrupted. This won't go very well for anyone. I wonder what the Lotus will do.
8/20/2017 c9 Guest
Please post the update and new story
8/17/2017 c9 Guest
Jahsvjaa soo far I loving this story! Please write more!
8/16/2017 c9 1BLINIX
I just can't describe how badly I die inside when in the middle of class I have to invent an story of why I'm laughing at some of the things I read on this fic... all to don't allow anyone know I'm reading this kind of things exactly in the middle of a class :p, no one grabs my KINDLE!
I really love this story but for some reason I can’t explain why the porn here makes me laugh as I said before. Keep going that this plot is interesting.
8/16/2017 c9 Tigasaurus
Even though so far this is kinda just porn with plot. I really love it, the story so far is good. Out of the small selection of Warframe fics to read, for me this is the best one. I hope after you finish this up in the next chapter, and the oneshots you have planned that this could get another instalment. Maybe more story drivin with some lewdness every now and then. but this is yours to work with. with what you choose to do next I wish you luck with it
8/16/2017 c9 Tigasaurus
This is a great fic. Keep em coming!
8/14/2017 c2 Jaster Mareel
You know, I found this by complete accident while trying to confirm if Orokin tech is made of meat. This is actually quite interesting to read~
8/3/2017 c7 Guest
Hsdvesjejehwb I love this! Keep writing more! Sorry bad English
7/28/2017 c7 OptimusMaximusAuthor
Goddammit you asshole, ending the chapter like that! Really enjoying it so far! Now I have to develop theories on how Nisha managed to find her way to Eris...
6/17/2017 c6 OptimusMaximusAuthor
Besides some grammatical errors, this is actually a high quality lemon. A little more time revising before you post can really go a long way in catching some small errors. Also, getting a second pair of eyes (I recommend a friend, but a beta works too) will do wonders for your writing. Anyway, my only complaint story wise is that the female Thor thing is just... strange and forced in my opinion. Like, what was the point? Yeah, Ren's straight so this gives an opportunity for some revenge rape, but does he really have the time to go a round right now? Also, why would stripping Thor help him at all if he's probably dying from hypothermia? Don't get me wrong, it was a brilliant reveal, but the timing just seemed off to me. On a different note, the various clever references (like the Star Wars one a chapter or two back with Palpatine) really crack me up and flow very well. At any rate, great job so far! Hope to see Nisha again at some point... although you might have to with the risk of riots increasing alarmingly...
5/1/2017 c4 NormieScum
Stumbled across this randomly and i gotta say i'm lovin the story! i really wanna see nisha return i hope the THICC is not gone for good. Also please dont let ren get cucked or something i'll cry. Continue this please, you asshole 3
3/19/2017 c3 VHSMelody
I have to say the "fun" time parts of your story is are excellent, but the actual plot is even better, all of your characters have solid background and motivations, and yet there is so much more i want to know about them. Now Sudo seems a little "jealous" on that grineer, i don't understand why he/she/it is so worried, and Myrrha is in for one big surprise next chapter, probably beyond her expectations.

All i can say is that you got my attention for future chapters.
3/17/2017 c3 mgasmsms
a cliffhanger for a possible reverse rape? u are improving to keep my attention. don't fail me now.
2/17/2017 c2 mgasmsms
well, u got my attention. keep it up as fast as u can.
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