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for Nesting: Part Three

1/21/2017 c1 StyxxandBethany
Beautiful wedding! I loved so many things. Oliver and Dinah dancing. Roy and his little Lian was so cute. Bruce dancing with Dick. Bruce dancing with Jason. How cute that was, so much father son love in there. Tim and Jason are so cute, Jason is worried about Timmy and also Dick. Also the idea of Jason and Dick trying for a baby is a cute idea, even if it sounds difficult, they would face it. They will take care of Tim, but I admit it sounds nice the idea of the middle robins being pregnant almost at that same time, keeping company at each other, Jason being protective of his little brother is my weakest point. And I also need to mention that all the detail in description and you put in this chapter was awesome! (It was like I could see the scenes)

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