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12/11/2019 c5 Trey Alexander
Holy crap this was beautiful. Even though it's short, it was so heartwarming that I don't even care. Looking forward tonnext chapter.
12/6/2019 c5 36kyugan
The Savage Spider-Hulk...The Sensational Hulk-Spider...Big Goddamn Spider?!
12/6/2019 c4 kyugan
I guess it's a good thing Death Battle isn't a thing in this universe huh? Wonder how Carol would react to losing TWICE.
12/6/2019 c5 4Mythfan
Must protect!
12/6/2019 c5 8CRUDEN
Yeah Pete when does Annie get a little brother!
12/5/2019 c5 398cornholio4
So are peter and mk]j divorced or broken up
12/5/2019 c5 cabrera1234
wonder what peter and Jen baby would look like?
1/3/2019 c4 cabrera1234
thanks for the update
12/31/2018 c4 8CRUDEN
Hey Welcome back, I missed your story
Happy New year
12/31/2018 c4 treyalexander63917
Yay! You're back! Also nice new cover picture. So could we get a chapter of Bruce having a Man to Man talk with Peter while Aunt May does the same with Jen?
12/31/2018 c4 4josephguy217
Awesome chapter keep it up :)
7/27/2017 c3 josephguy217
Awesome chapter keep it up! :)
7/27/2017 c3 32NeoTyson
Nice update, it makes sense for Peter to have those concerns from dating another hero.
7/27/2017 c3 8CRUDEN
I like the chapter
Wish there was more
It's also cool that Peter is slowly making jen into a geek with watching anime reading comics maybe he can get her to play magic the gathering jen of course being a hard core green deck player
5/19/2017 c2 The Outsider
Really hilarious and creative!
Good job. Hopefully we can see more of this agaib
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