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for Third Time's a Charm

6/18 c7 Dirtyreeds
Please update this story if you can! It's wonderful
5/12 c7 Amaniel
Please... Update ! )
If not, thank you for the story, we're still here !
5/14 c1 Mkjxn
please update
4/17 c7 Guest
4/8 c7 Spinedot Lazuli
4/3 c1 Azla Hashi
Hi! I'm new here. Just found this and already fell in love. I'm really scared to continye because this isn't finished but I can't stop myself from reading it and I can't stop myself to beg you to continue this gem. I'm begging you. I really love powerful Severus Snape because there are very few great stories. And yours is one of them. Please continue
3/22 c1 Guest
3/22 c7 Guest
I wish an update would occur
3/14 c6 laura232
I absolutely love the idea of Severus Snape leaving Hogwarts as it was such a toxic environment for him. The Rachel character is really interesting
2/26 c7 Guest
Spero che aggiornerai questa storia.
2/9 c7 Robbler
You are without a doubt a Genius.
I really hope that this story isn't dead.
1/20 c7 2decthenerd
update please
12/20/2020 c7 Guest
Is this active still
12/17/2020 c7 Sumsy
This is great! I love that Severus is happy and able to make a difference in the world, far away from his tormentors and everyone who didn't appreciate him. I look forward to reading what his animagus form is!
11/7/2020 c7 Prince Anakin Loptr
Are you going to finish this story oneday? I like it really and its interssting how life could have been like for severus. But its youre joice. I would like it if he goes to talk with Lilys parents and what about his parents? Are they both dead? Anyway thanks and
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