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for Thieves

8/6/2005 c4 BlankXB
i really like ur story
1/23/2005 c4 19Dragon and Sword Master
I read inside a water bubble and loved it, and I loved this one as well, even though I know nothing about Cat's Eye or Ramma1/2 Damn American gov't. Also, Kuso doesn't meant damn, it means shit, Just to let you know. damn is chikushou. Also, I wouldn't mind proofreading your story after you are done translating, since I only know a little japanese, and no italian whatsoever sadly.
5/8/2004 c4 vampire14
i lov it ,it's so good
3/17/2004 c4 7FicheCeist
wah! continue! i really like! altho how cum inu's not a hanyou? NEways, i love ur story! and only a *few* grammar+spelling mistakes.
7/11/2003 c3 serena
WOW great story, loved it hope you up date real quick.
6/15/2003 c1 BlueSkywalker2000
hey ^_^ its ok i dont mind the mistakes i love ur story i just found it. hey im italian too (well 51% but sh lo lno one need know) lol hey i speak englisdh & i get it wrong half the time lol hahaha well im rambling i love ur story keep up the gret work

from BlueSkywalker
6/15/2003 c1 Nite1
I like your story so keep updating
6/15/2003 c4 10magic-shield
^.^ never seen Ranma... but pretty good for an italian only problem was in the first chappie when you said something about inuyasha likin kagome a lot.
6/14/2003 c1 7Jazz-chan
why havent you updated? please do it soon!
5/20/2003 c3 inukag912
this is great!please update soon, i'm desperate!
5/19/2003 c3 12ScarletRaven1001
Hello Laura-chan! Wow! This story is really cool! Keep it up and update, ONEGAI! I'm dying to know what's next!
5/7/2003 c3 Kaitsuri-chan
Hey! Are you sure you're Italian? *squints* J/k, you just write in English really well, I wouldn't have suspected you didn't speak it fluently if you didn't say you were Italian. ^^(). Anyway, this fic is really great, keep updating it! Ja ne!

4/19/2003 c1 Piper
This is a great story! Please keep updating. I can't wait to read the next chapters.
3/31/2003 c1 Immortal Earth
I love this story! Can`t wait `till you update

3/20/2003 c3 7Jazz-chan
loved it. and your english is good for someone who doesn't speak it normally. ok well, update soon please!
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