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for Love's Purest Form

6/18/2019 c11 HELGHASTMAJOR
Not bad kinda cool to see the way hiccup does his weird hand thing in this story, the sex part was weird but hiccup said that so It makes sense, pretty cool moments you nailed snot lout from the first movie um yeah just decent all around, keep it up but no rush
6/11/2019 c10 HELGHASTMAJOR
*reading my old reviews* damn I was an absolute ass kinda want to apologise for that so yeah sorry add whatever you want and do whatever you want because it's your story I've missed toothcup so I really should be happy for anything so yeah this was a good chapter a fun read with some cool moments I probably need to reread this to get back in the mood for it but I'll happily await the next chapter so keep up the great work but no rush
3/31/2019 c9 CheshireCat272
I would love to see this finished one day. Toothless living on berk most of his life and hiding his dragon side I've never seen that before, and I love it so much. So please finish the story. I don't care if it takes 5 years to do it I'll be here to read it. From a smiling fan Cheshire
11/9/2018 c9 Kawaii Kat
Wow... That one word holds more emotion for this story than a million could... Wow...
7/12/2018 c9 4Faith Sparks
7/3/2018 c8 petrarabe1980
It is a great pity that you broke this wonderful story and do not seem to want to spread it out, because it has been resting for 10 month.

Please think of the sad readers, who longingly wait for the continuation, even if they do not leave a comedy.

I too would be very happy about an imminent continuation.

2/2/2018 c5 Drakenguard
Definitely one of my favorite chapters
12/18/2017 c8 4Randomness254
Oh my gosh please update soon this story is awesome!
12/16/2017 c8 Andromeda20001
An interesting story. Hopefully, the next chapter will come soon, because I'm very excited about how it's going to continue. Maybe a Christmas Present?
9/15/2017 c8 ivanganev1992
CH 8 Learning to fly . Some armour is recomended . While fighting against that ... thing with conventional weapons could do much against the qeen in future against relative more reasonably sised oponents is fairer .

And second blacksmith in future. Depends on the further jobs .
9/9/2017 c8 MMM
wow this is good keep going.
Ok it was pretty good little peeved at the astrid and ruff thing it's just a little played out but hey your story other than that nothing overly noteworthy besides well keep it up I guess
9/9/2017 c8 4Faith Sparks
I loved it!
9/9/2017 c8 5RedHawkdude
Still following devotly and enjoying this great story
So I guess this is where it becomes cliche but well I guess I saw it coming
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