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11/21/2021 c6 13Iron M. Writer
Trying to connect each character mentioned to each DigiDestined I've got a few but if I'm right this universe ends up with Blake/Weiss being a thing since Sora/Matt are a couple. And maybe Ruby/Whitley? Idk if it was ever confirmed that TK ended up with Kari
9/3/2021 c1 5Felipe1402XZA
our war game please!
9/28/2020 c3 28Calebray866
I would’ve figured Weiss would have been Sheldon Lol
9/24/2020 c3 wearedeadpool
well, Yang always looks great.
8/6/2020 c6 6FinchFlyingAce
Please please PLEASE do Our War Game
7/30/2020 c6 3Oddmegaman99
I really liked this chapter, in fact it actually brought me back into Digimon, also 99% sure I figured out who replaces each of the digidestined, and I think you should do Our War Game. As for what I would recommend, is actually something I've never seen in another watching the multiverse fic, and thats Final Fantasy 7 Machinabridge by TFS, As for which episode, honstly either Episode 1 or Episode 3, hope you do well in COVID-19 and in the kinda wise words of Bill & Ted... "Be Excellent to Each Other."
7/28/2020 c6 TheSilverUmbreon
z-house 2016 vids
and maybe EE4C highlights
7/25/2020 c6 14WOKELAND
7/25/2020 c6 Stormquake the Elementalist
please no power rangers
7/25/2020 c6 jijima05
I have a Great idea Confuse all the Cast Do the who shot johnny joestar arc from jojo part 7 And let the Madness Grow that arc is confusing as fuck
7/25/2020 c6 3RHatch89
Awesome update :)
7/25/2020 c6 2Randomuser9001
About the Disney part, you could do ckassic Mickey Mouse cartoons.
7/25/2020 c6 2Justus80
Dude you made yang a boy in this chapter I don’t think it matters if there personalities change alittle bit to fit with a character that shares there personality as well just don’t make them play a character that’s way to different for them also do the first episode of power rangers and then the legacy one to give them the whole backstory cause that’s a a lot of rangers to cover lol
7/25/2020 c6 StrongGuy159
Awesome story continue please.
7/25/2020 c6 13BlazingVictini09
But also do Pokemon.
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