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10/31/2017 c2 14Akrim
Holy shit, so, Shinichi was captured by Gin, is he back in his old body? He is dying omg what did you do? Why would you do that?

And of course Ran knows :D I really like that. Ran is not a dumb girl living in the past, she's much more!
10/31/2017 c1 Akrim
Sorry it took me so long to read your story.

Ok so, this sounds really interesting. Somehow it fits well with today being Halloween haha XD

Your writing style is really great, I like that. :)
8/29/2017 c5 1Disconsolate Mist
Hmmm... Well, Ran almost kind of plays an antagonist here. And I think that was what you were going for (it was, right?). She just showed all her character flaws, wearing them on her sleeve, and marching around, showing them off in this chapter of yours. The main thing I question really was the part about her using her saving Haibara against Haibara, because that's just blackmail, and blackmail is pretty wrong. Even if it is to find out about your friend's secret life that he's been hiding from you. Guess she's just furious?

On to the good stuff. :3 One: SHINICHI! AHHH! T.T Your writing there was at its best, and beautiful. Every beat, every note in that little song played in simple perfection. I really did like Ran's thought train there, how she was regretting just about everything she had thought as she finally came to realize Shinichi's side of the story. That was just beautiful, and it's always such a joy, reading your writing. It love your updates so much, even if I don't read them immediately (to be fair, school just started. BUSYY! ARGH!). Also, that silver bullet stuff (yeah, I describe it SO elegantly) is just heart-touching.

Anyway, lovely job per usual! Can't wait to see your next update. ;)
8/29/2017 c5 3Ku10-41
This is so well-written! I've been busy since the last few days and couldn't check it out immediately and could only read it now.
It was interesting to read it from Ran's PoV. And the very first scene gave me goosebumps! Amazing execution! Looking forward to the next chapter :)
8/26/2017 c5 Great
Wow, so much emotion. But I like it! I wonder how things will progress. Looking forward to more!
7/24/2017 c4 1Disconsolate Mist
Ahaha, this is beautiful! I definitely have multiple favorite lines, and I think I'll put one of them in my little (so far there's only one) thing of fan fiction quotes on my profile~~ (I'm not telling you which one it is! You'll just have to look and see for yourself).
I just love all the deep thoughts and feelings you put into this. It's like poetry, yet it's also a winding story. It's absolutely beautiful! I did spot a few mistakes (tense wise, and some grammar stuff) but nothing big and it would take me some searching to find them, so I'll leave it be.
Ah, all these wonderful things... I love your thought process so much with this. Also, so happy you updated. :3 And glad you're back (once again! It's so funny... all my favorite authors came back on the same day. XD).
Anyway, great job. Can't wait to see more, that's for sure.
7/24/2017 c4 10AmunRa
Ok, I'm hooked. Your narrative is interesting and unique, but enough to make the reader want to know the why's and how's of how things came to be.

Can't wait to see what's next.
3/26/2017 c1 ranmiablue
your storyline are great.. hope that you dan update it soon
2/4/2017 c3 1Disconsolate Mist
This is so hooking! What exactly happened? It's also just so sad... Yet, there is that spec of hope that keeps you reading, keeps you needing more! I loved Vermouth and Ai's little bits, as I love their characters, and it provides that beautiful hope, that ray of light in a dim hell. Your work is so poetic, and it is just so catching! Please do keep at it!

P.S. Sorry it took me so long to review! "
2/4/2017 c3 6Smiley-Nami
This is good. Continue when you can.
1/28/2017 c1 22Mayonaka no Sasayaki
War is coming...impressive ::thumbs up::
1/25/2017 c2 James Birdsong
Good work
1/25/2017 c2 1Disconsolate Mist
Nice! Fast updates are good. This is becoming rather depressing, slowly, gradually. The angst bug has infected! I feel bad for Ran, though. To hate and love someone at the same time... Eek. And you pointed out that even though Conan/Shinichi is truth-obsessed, he is one of the biggest liars in the DC 'verse! It's so self contradictory. And, Shinichi wants to die? Awwww.

You are such a wonderful author. Your every word pulls me deeper into the story! Keep it up! You're doing great!
1/23/2017 c1 3Ku10-41
That was sooo good! Such a fantastic beginning! You're an amazing writer, hands down! I'm glad my story could inspire your muse :) It's dark and enigmatic. Your descriptions are spot on. Can't wait for the next chapter! But, do you really intend to kill off my babies at the end? *Looks Innocently* Well, I couldn't, tbh. That's why, I did that in a nightmare ;)
1/23/2017 c1 1Disconsolate Mist
Hoooookkkkeeeedddd. O.o I am so excited to know where in the world this will go! Your writing was amazing (as usual), and there was only one mistake I could spot (an exclamation mark after detective in 'Sure, he was not a detective! but he could piece two and two together.')! The whole concept of Gin catching on to Conan and what might this thing on revenge be? So many questions! You have started to create something beautiful here. I honestly can't wait for more. You have my full attention with this!

Keep it up!

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