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4/12/2017 c1 76Konstantya
I had a hot second, and realized I still have all these Esca week entries in my tumblr drafts, so I decided to get at least one more of them out of the way!

Knowing that it was inspired (or at least somewhat influenced) by the song "Seasons of Love," it makes a certain amount of sense that it would be more of an overview of Chid and his remaining familial relations rather than a detailed description, but I'll confess - I found myself wanting some more detail all the same. It's just a tad on the "telling" side as opposed to "showing" side in that respect, and I WANT MORE SPECIFICS. XD Still, it's a lovely image - Chid hanging out with his aunts - and this line, "And though he was too shy to voice his wish, he hoped that he would soon have a cousin," is arguably worth the so-called price of admission alone, haha. (The thought of Chid wanting a cousin is just too cute, and I can totally believe he and Dryden would end up being close.)

Anyway, minor criticisms aside, it was a wonderfully warm, non-angsty fic - and one that's focused on a character (and relationships!) that don't often get much attention, to boot, which is always nice to see. :) My only real regret is that it took me this long to get around to reading it, pfft.
1/23/2017 c1 Storysearch
Theres nothing here just your NOTE.

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