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for Kitsune of the Hakurei Shrine

10/31/2022 c12 Guest
What just happened to Naruto after the end of the series in this story? Man It got me a little curious. In fact, will we get to know what even happened at all by Naruto Juubi telling one of the girls about this?
9/15/2022 c1 Dasgun
7/11/2022 c12 2Soul-Even
tears I'm in tears you wound me with words and I have no way to heal other than to wait on the next chapter T_T
7/7/2022 c12 Masterx01
What are you? A walking monkey paw? Because thats how all that wish granting mumbo jumbo sounded like.

That aside, it was interesting to see how that wish got interpreted and that true inmortality wasnt handed to her just like that.
7/3/2022 c12 Guest
Pretty philosophical.
7/1/2022 c3 Crimson
I'm at war with my self...I love the premise of this story but the promise of future pain gives and misery gives me a struggle
7/1/2022 c12 raidaxk
I really like Juubi interaction. So far, it has gotten me emotional and giddy with excitement. Oh man, I can't wait for him to interact with all the girls.
6/30/2022 c12 TehDIGI
I felt kind of disappointed on this chapter. there was too much monologue. i was waiting for this chapter to see how things move forward but all I read is reimu sleeping and naruto monologuing.. but its just me.
6/30/2022 c12 2Dragonkeeper10
Interesting outlook from Naruto here. Reimu is too stubborn to give in though Naruto, she will hold on to you until the stars grow cold and die, and everything goes back to the emptiness of the void itself.
6/30/2022 c12 Crio Yaroi
Giving her the choice so she doesn't give up what makes her Reimu. A very philosophical Juubi indeed.
6/22/2022 c11 Otagema
I've been tracking this story since chapter 4, and I only just found out that you were the writer of "Kitsune no Reaper." Man, I feel like a dumbass.
6/6/2022 c11 nicholasmflamel
6/5/2022 c11 3rick12
Well, that was interesting.

It's amazing that Reimu still wants to be by Juubi/Naruto's side forever, even after he showed her what she would experience if he granted her wish. Time would have no meaning to him and her.

This shows that Reimu has immense will and determination to see this through, and that she wants to be by his side forever. She will never break from this. This is in stark contrast to Yukari who can never have the courage or will to ask Naruto/Juubi if she can stay by his side forever ever since she was nothing more than a little Youkai girl (when the two of them met for the first time). Hell, Ran understands Juubi much more than Yukari.

I wouldn't be surprised that Reimu is the main love interest for Juubi/Naruto, because she actually has the courage and will to voice her desire to stay by his side forever, still sticking to it even after he showed her what would happen. Yukari will never be as courageous or have the same amount of will as Reimu, and that will make Naruto/Juubi gravitate more to Reimu.

Now that Reimu has chosen this wish, I wonder what will happen now? Juubi has his little group, which comprise of Reimu, Hecatia, Ran, Yukari, and Sariel. The times forward will be interesting.

Great chapter, man, despite the short length.
6/3/2022 c11 Guest
The Chad Reimu, get asked if she want to be eternally with him, even went through an illusion so she could understand just how it could be, how painful and terrible it would be.
Her answer? Still a Yes.

What make it better is that you went on your way to slowly change the text, to show just what eternity could be, first by simple examples, then showing the difficult facts, then using question marks, then using aliens and almost hateful thoughs. This really shows just how heavy the burden of immortality could be.
6/2/2022 c11 Crio Yaroi
Her willpower and stubborn decisiveness knows no bounds.
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