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10/21 c17 Krieger Techpreist
I didnt know I needed fem Yamato x Kakashi till this very moment in my life
6/2 c116 Takadoshi Uzumaki
A black haired...golden eyed beauty... did orochimaru fuck Jiraiya for science?
6/2 c99 Takadoshi Uzumaki
mangekyous left and right I suppose...
5/17 c43 1Dalthale1642
God, Kakashi is giving me Maes Hughes vibes right now
3/29 c1 14heyihavesocks
I just saved this to my library to read later. I was reading the summary and grinning, thinking of how much fun it will be to read it. And then, much like the previous commenter, I saw the chapter count. Holy crapola! I don't think I've ever seen a story on here, Ao3, or even freaking Wattpad with that many chapters. Congrats!XD
12/18/2021 c1 Guest
I was reading the summary for this story and then I looked down and read the chapter count, and brain screeched something along the lines of 'HOLY SHIT, THAT'S A FUCK TON OF CHAPTERS' before exploding
12/2/2021 c1 KingSparda
was really interested but couldnt get past the bad story telling, its really random and fell like things happen just because, good idea but really bad way to tell it, couldnt get to chapter 15
11/20/2021 c141 Guest
Hoe old is Naruto again?
11/19/2021 c116 Guest
Calling it now, Kimiko's mom is Orochimaru
11/19/2021 c97 Guest
"If you kill this man, you could start the Fourth Shinobi war"

Uh, a bit late for that given that the man in question has already declared war
11/19/2021 c86 Guest
Naruto forgot to thank sir
11/19/2021 c58 Guest
Well, that's certainly one way to distract Fugaku
11/19/2021 c12 Guest
" But it's actually a pretty useless skill. The only time you would use it is if you wanted to get a bunch of people across and you didn't have time to go and get ships"

Or if you want something that's in the ocean. Like fish, or treasure, or various resources
11/17/2021 c35 Guest
11/17/2021 c22 anonymous
the ending LMAO
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