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4/5/2017 c11 2Sidus Alatus
As long as your chapters are (at least compared to mine) I don't know how they can feel rushed, but maybe it's just me. Story is pretty good took a different direction than I thought it would, probably a good thing.
i cant tell if this is good or bad... the story has hit a high point, which means more conflict among other things, but that means the story is over soon... either way good luck and this was a great chapter
4/3/2017 c11 minutmaidman
Now it feels like an actual plot and conflict can occur. Good going by the way, this has to be one of your best chapter so far.
3/30/2017 c10 Alexzander95
How long is the story going to be? I sense either we've reached or are near the climax of a short and sweet story. That or this is just the early or middle of the rising action of a longer story. I'll be happy with either, but a longer story would be awesome. I really enjoy your writing.
3/29/2017 c10 38Ai Star
It all worked out, now what are they to do now?
3/29/2017 c10 HEKQBEIWHRKEIC
ths chez is real, but it had to happen, so ill let it pass, either way, this was great.
3/28/2017 c10 Stylin80
Wow. Dem feels. Right in the heart. Although i do have a slight issue though, it's similar to the previous chapter; it feels a little rushed... Although like i said as well, maybe you have a future planning for this plot who knows ;)
wow, ok it has been awhile since i have been on here, and this is great, and, oddly enough, one of the first stories i have read, and also the first one was another of your stories, so continue, this is awesome
3/27/2017 c9 Bnanas23
Love it! Can't wait for the next chapter!
3/25/2017 c9 3MysShadowdragon
oooooooh boi I don diddly love this story, your blending of new canon information is quite seemless and although I feel that Zelda may be a bit out of character it's hardly and issue given the circumstances and links motivations are all clearly written and shown with a lot of love and care. over all damn good story with a fresh plot and nice character motivations
3/24/2017 c9 38Ai Star
Talk about unexpected o.o
3/23/2017 c9 minutmaidman
i fking love you fam, I HATE stories where thing s go too fucking slow, like How Zelda got her groove back? Hmm? You know, most reviews and everything? I HATE IT WITH A PASSION. I can't fucking read the piece, events take so long to happen, description that never ends, bullshit character development.

Anyways, all of this to say your writing reminds me of my personal favorite, which is good, cuz, well, it's my personal favorite. So yeah, good continuation!
3/20/2017 c8 gaylordgator
i truly cannot wait to read more of this. it's so interesting! i'm hooked. i feel so sad for link...he just wants zelda to remember him
3/17/2017 c8 Guest
3/17/2017 c7 FCL
Yes! you're updating so fast!:O that's why i must make some place for the comments of the previous chapter:P
glad you're having fun with BotW, and i feel the same- playing BotW is the only thing i can think of xD but in BotW there's no Zelda/Link, every other character seems to hit on Link xD even Beedle says "we must've been married in our past lives!" xD anyways... isn't Zelda an adult? why is she getting a castle-arrest?o.O wow, Zelda's imagining pretty brave things xD and nice of you to include the legend of SS in here as a forgotten legend:) it's funny the irony of Zelda's statement- Link did help with the odds and ends the Royal family asked of him, but she doesn't remember them xD uhh, they're suddenly acting so close, should that be happening? and out in the open as well?:P and it is suspicious that Link decided to join the Knights, just as if he wanted to meet Zelda there... and what was earlier about the whole not getting close again?:P onwards to the next chapter though!:)
You know, Link just became a knight so it feels weird to read that he's the best and is already in high regard of the King and such, it's not wrong, but it feels too much like a protagonist xP if he wasn't so the best maybe it would be more natural;) i don't think how Link revealed that secret seemed probable o.O he was hiding it so well for so long and now he just casually said it, it was weird... and also weird what he was saying- why would ge say that he missed her? he should have thought better than saying that and hugging her, it was so wrong x/ i just think you wanted it to be a cute Zelink moment so i don't blame you:P i believe Zelda will come to her senses but then Link already will be far away:D so i can't wait to see what will happen! Keep up your great work and see you soon!:D i believe i'll see you soon since you're updating so fast, so thanks for writing and take care!:)
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