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3/17/2017 c8 Alexzander95
This is a great story! Please update again soon!
3/17/2017 c8 Stylin80
Good golly, didn't expect you to update within hours of me giving a review O.o

Anyways, things sure all exploded suddenly didn't it? A meeting with the king and a skip and a hop later, Zelda knows, and er... Poor Link.

Either way, I'm used to giving honest reviews so here it is. Truthfully, to me, it is a little rushed? In a span of about a few thousand words, Link went to a party invited by the King himself, got a chance to meet Zelda privately, and promptly got shot in the heart soon after with his nightmare. Unless of course this is not the main focus and have planned something else ;)

One way or another, still a pretty amazing chapter, made me smiled like an idot in public, and most certainly, i enjoyed it. Keep up the fantastic work and cheers!
3/17/2017 c7 Stylin80
Aww come on... Cliffy. As much i love clidfies, i dislike them because i cant wait for the next chapter T.T

Anyways, you've earned yourself a new loyal reader :D
Keep it up, looking forward to the upcoming chapters
3/16/2017 c7 WendyAliceJuliet
Awesome start! I'm hoping for more soon! :)
3/16/2017 c7 Guest
3/14/2017 c3 2Sidus Alatus
Alright I'm hooked. The fairy bag explanation makes perfect sense to me.
3/10/2017 c6 Voidlash
I gotta say, you make the gap in wisdom between Link and Zelda very clear. She has of course the triforce of wisdom, but I kinda wondered if Link's extra time would've made him at least on par with her. Interesting detail. :P

3/9/2017 c5 Guest
Love it! !
3/5/2017 c5 Voidlash
You've made a very good story with your idea so far, and I'm very intrigued and I wonder what will happen! With Zelda being irritably curious on Link's knowledge and Link being incredibly careful of what information he gives out, things are going to go down~~~
Let the mind games begin!

A few spelling and grammatical errors were seen here and there, I'll admit.

Link does seem to be quite dense with his feelings. I guess he has grown a bit hard over the years after him going back in time. He's probably already had his ("I cri evri tiem") moments after losing his friends and being forgotten by everyone. D:

Your pacing is fine, but sometimes I find that the tone of the some moments aren't expressed that clearly. A little nitpicky, but for example: The part where Zelda was called 'Your highness'. It could be spaced a little with pausing and/or with like an 'oh, crap' remark from Link, as to reeaaallly indicate what the tone of the situation actually is. Reading it, it felt like the whole thing was just glossed over. Did Link catch his mistake and feel irritated over his dumb mistake or did he get caught by surprise and had his mind blank on him? I mean I would be scared shitless if I realized I made a mistake of such scale. XD

"Link froze on the spot" is probably something that should indicate a moment when chills run down your spine, right? (In this context, at least) The reader expects a few moment to sink that in. But it is instead immediately followed by a narrative explanation for why Zelda was intimidating, which confused me on if this was supposed to be tense or not. It needs a way to tell the reader that this is a tense moment when reading, and this just didn't really click. Anyway, this kind of stuff happens a few times and this was probably the most notable one. Something to think about I guess. And I'm terribly sorry for being nitpicky. :/

Keep making it awesome! :D
3/2/2017 c5 isaacbehling2000
I am loving this story. Keep it up
3/2/2017 c5 FCL
ikr! BotW is like, tomorrow and i'm just so excited as well!:o the whole yesterday i had the PBG's song stuck in my head and couldn't get it out even when i was at school xD if you don't know it, you should definitely check it out!:D but you're writing well despite something taking away your attention:D i mean, i wouldn't be able to focus on writing with BotW in just a few days (like i couldn't yesterday xD) so you're doing a great job!:D
both Link's and Zelda's reasonings are plausible and the whole awkwardness is just so funny and cute:) and it was also fun that he called her "Your Highness" because of the way she acted, i could totally see that happening:D
glad to know you're trying to incorporate Miro in some way:P maybe he'll get his chance of thanking the Great Fairy:D and Link, he's acting so much like a lovestruck person!xD cannot decide what he wants to do, not controlling his facial expressions xD while the obvious Zelink disturbs me, i really like it here:) it's just so sweet, and the two deserve to be together, i hope they will x)
ahh, idk what else to say, the BotW taking 95% of the space in my brain xD you know what, i think that if you were to write a BotW fic, i'd gladly see it happening:D hopefully you'll get to play the game and it'll give you some inspiration!:) good luck on it!:D and thanks so much for writing in this difficult times, take care!:)
3/1/2017 c5 minutmaidman
Can't help but feel like Link should be much, much more unstable since literally nobody remembers him for his alternate past. I mean, all the people he knew and perhaps cared for don't remember him, I know I would be destroyed if my friend suddenly had amnesia.

Otherwise the characters don't feel OCC, which is good
3/1/2017 c4 Guest
I like this story pleaseupdate soon
2/27/2017 c4 1Draxen213
Oooh this is getting good. Please update soon
2/20/2017 c3 Guest
post a new chapter please
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