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2/6/2017 c3 FCL
"I didn't really have a home growing up, so I wandered." right in the feels!D: and here i thought it would be a cute, light-hearted story!x0 but i'm loving this so far:D and Zelda! it makes sense that she's the girl, and you showed her point for visiting the Death Mountain pretty fairly:) but i hope Link still has the magic spells the fairies gave him, doesn't he?:) (he should have them to either show off, or show her that he also met the Great Fairies:)) also, i really liked the explanation for Link's magical pouch!:D it coming from the fairy magic and making life easier for the Forest children is an excellent idea!:)
hm... the exchange between Link and Zelda is pretty sweet, and i almost don't mind that you're clearly going to make them like each other back again (xD), but there's one thing i want to point out- you're completely leaving Miro behind, i mean, even in the scenes when he's with them, he's almost not saying anything:/ i know you want to focus on the interaction between the two, but at least give him something funny to say, so one of them will blush or they will laugh while the conversation started to head on the more serious tracks:) that's just a little advice, because if he's going with them, don't make him seem just like a background or someone that's there by some coincidence and inconvienience, it'll make it all better:)
but i'm really liking it so far!:) can't wait for more and thank you for writing for us! Keep up your great work and take care!:)
2/2/2017 c2 2KDRDEADMAN
I'm loving this fanfic thank you for writing
2/2/2017 c2 pikachewy1
so far this story is going excellently, especially considering it's your first (you'd be amazed how many stories on this site suffer from bad grammar and rushed, sloppy plots). The only advice I can give you right now would be to perhaps try for longer chapters (3-5k words is a good size, it allows for a brief but sizable reading). There isn't anything wrong with 1-2k chapters, but it can be difficult to advance the plot and develop the characters in the long run.
1/25/2017 c1 Guest
Awesome super interested!
1/25/2017 c1 FCL
first of all, try reuploading the chapter because the coding got messed up:P
second of all, it's difficult to tell anything at this point yet, but the story seems interesting:) my only worry though, is that the girl will be some mary-sue/self-insert oc and i don't really want to read about it, but i can still give it a try xP anyways, i noticed something that confused me: "...shocked to find more evidence that circumstances in this version of the past were different than those of his previous pasts." Did you by accident add the 's' in 'pasts' or is Link breaking a fourth wall with a knowledge of all the fanfictions/theories regaining all of his pasts?:P anyways, that'll be all from me now, and keep up your work, so maybe we'll see each other soon!:D Take care!:)
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