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5/7 c2 enkidievdunord
when is the sequel coming out
5/1 c2 1John Aiden Sullano
it's been years, pls upload
2/6 c2 Guest
Update a chapter 3 please.
9/15/2021 c2 taiwoeretan1
Can't wait for Brandish.
9/14/2021 c1 taiwoeretan1
This was really good.
8/16/2021 c2 Krooslkfkkf
Well written and natsuxIrene is the best! Good progression too.
7/28/2021 c2 Sam Azrael Crage
Please Update a chapter 3
6/18/2021 c1 Sam Azrael Crage
please update soon.
5/26/2021 c2 Guest
My hero! So good that i could build you a temple just because you wrote this!
5/23/2021 c2 5Uchiha Natsu
You really out here raising the bar everytime you post literally anything...like damn brah the god of FT fanfictions for real‼️ Been a fan since like 2014 ;’) glad to see you still active ish
5/20/2021 c2 Humlet
4 years seems quite the time to wait for this chapter, but hey, i'll take it. Natsu's departure from Alvarez seemed too abrupt and maybe forced, but then again, I wasn't here for the plot ;). It's a blast reading another of your chapters again, hope to see more soon!
5/14/2021 c2 Samsudin Kagui
Please Update
4/29/2021 c2 Guest
I'm glad I found this gem of a story here. Few know how rare it is to see a good smut with domination. Kudos author.
4/25/2021 c1 War Historian-Freedom2134
Maybe poor bisca finds out her husband cheated on her? Maybe lisanna and mirajane had an experience they’ll never forget?
4/20/2021 c2 Jonrocksthestar
Is it possible to make a chapter where brandish makes natsu look like a kid while also enlarging his already huge size and afterwards when goes back to normal keeps his new larger size?please!
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