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for A God Among Us?

12/31/2020 c6 Chryseum
How the dark figures were able to track his house down while under wards makes no sense, unless you are saying these guys are the very best the wizarding world has, which would mean that they would have the best education and be purebloods.
7/12/2020 c17 Guest
All hail the gods! Lol ok great story
3/28/2020 c17 Jameslw
Great story please continue
12/17/2019 c17 8cko2
Cool story of someone else in the story. And not being centered on the golden idiots. Thanks for sharing.
11/10/2019 c12 Guest
Hey! There's nothing necessarily wrong with "a story that ends several hunderd thousands (of) words long." I've read several that ultimately made it into the tens of millions of words and while remaining quite entertaining. Granted, there comes a point when you're talking about several related stories being published as series of connected stories. Brian Lumbly's Vampire stories for example ended up as a group of Series of separate books totalling many thousands of pages; Necroscope (5 volumes), Vampire World (3 large volumes), Lost Years (2 volumes), E-Branch (3 volumes), plus the associated short story collections of course. The point is that LARGE needn't be a problem in and of itself, is more about having enough fresh material to keep it interesting.

Admittedly, I have also seen authors go way overboard, Radaslab's "Normal" stories exemplify that extreme for me, so I can certainly appreciate your point. One of an Author's prerogatives in "telling their story" is deciding on a case-by-case basis what are the appropriate design details such as chapter and story length for each individual chaptrr and story. So if you want to limit story length, by all means do so, just so long as you're not simply applying a "Rule of Thumb" to the detriment of your storytelling.
11/6/2019 c17 oiller
Nice to see a chapter for this story it was a great read until the grave yard then the story went downhill fast. Deatheater's are is known bad guys they killed his family and tried to kill him, and Seshat is a TokRa so nothing in the way you wrote it flows right. The stun grenades are great but everything else falls flat. Hope the muse starts working with you more in the future.
10/19/2019 c17 VoldiesBedroomSlippers
Thanks for another great chapter. This remains one of my favorite stories and I look forward to every update. I love the concept. A Tokra like Goa'uld in the HP world? Cool. Looking forward to how Michael & Seshat interact with Stargate Command, especially now that SG1 is aware of magic. I can almost hear Jack asking him to build a "big honkin' space gun." I only have one (minor) criticism: the portrayal of Cedric Diggory acting as a sexual predator. I wont complain about turning him gay even though he never came across that way in canon (he was dating hottie Cho Chang after all). It's just that even though he was an incidental character in the story he always seemed like such a nice guy. A thoroughly likable character - a classic Hufflepuff. I just can't see him acting like a predator. One of the Slytherins, sure, or maybe an arse like Cormac McClaggen. But not Cedric.
10/19/2019 c17 Azeroth the Second
Good stuff, keep it up!
9/25/2019 c17 3capctr
Two thumbs up
9/24/2019 c17 1Araytigre
Sadly Moldy-shorts is back, but at least Harry AND Cedric survived the experience. It will be fun to see how Barty Jr will try to explain his existence while all tied up with Moody's Eye and Leg near him, along with a flask of Polyjuice in the hallway near the 'Claws entryway. Hopefully they get some intel out of him before Fudge has his pet Dementor Kiss him. Thank You. TTFN
9/22/2019 c17 doraemax
Michael should read the evil overlord list. He is extremely clumsy. I mean, leaving Not-Moody just bound, to be discovered? Didn't he realized how many chances there are for him to get loose and away? clumsy..
9/22/2019 c15 doraemax
wha...? Cedric? why? or rather...euwww...
9/22/2019 c13 doraemax
huh, so he forgot to tell Harry that they are related?

I wonder how far Harry and Neville is on their occluding their minds? Plus, will advance occlumancy leads to wandless magic?
9/22/2019 c12 doraemax
I know you're bored and want the event of the year to end... but it's a bit jarring to read the discrepancies to the timeline. i.e. Harry/Ron didn't go down the chamber the night Hermione was 'stoned'. The are other events that went down, as you well know. So yeah, if you want to 'shorten' the storytelling as it is...at least please acknowledge the time passing...or please blatantly change the plot (but again, please mention it). As it is, it is a bit confusing.
9/22/2019 c17 7Riniko22
Thank you, I had missed this story, it is quite interesting.
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