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9/3/2020 c5 Samthman
3/18/2018 c5 2Baoh joestar
Well that was pretty cute. Good chapter. I do wonder if the rest of their friends will find out or will there be a chapter that goes really in depth about how the first future went down in detail.
3/13/2018 c5 srosnan99
To be honest even though this is a rewrite I have absolutely no idea where the beginning begins or the end ends. It feels like the story is disorganized like some future chapter were aired first before the current one.

This could be exemplify when the character(s)? Were sent back in time. There was an indication (when jaune met his family crying) but it feels so damn vague I thought it was a dream or something.

The relationship of the characters themselves also feels like it came out of nowhere. (This might be my own inattentiveness but I'm still going to put it out there).

Overall an interesting plot but, with an disorganized mess that is the flow of the story.

I'm not trying to undermine your writing capability especially when you had put time and effort for the first re-write but it is still lacking.
3/12/2018 c5 That guy Josh
Im glad that this story got rewrote and updated and im curious as to who all knows of the future. Anyway it was a good chapter and i hope it does not take another year to update.
3/11/2018 c5 2APhantomISuppose
Glad to see that you're back (again!) I'm looking forward to reading more from this, and hope you keep it in your thoughts this time around.
4/30/2017 c4 2newwriter2016
Very interesting start. I think you're missing a chapter on how they went back in time or to an alternate time or whatever. Can't wait to see what's next.
4/30/2017 c4 psychominer
nice story so far
4/29/2017 c4 H20 Ferrum Dominus
Now things are getting way more interesting. Would it be possible to write the countdown and date of when the Vytal Festival and their operation will take place?
4/29/2017 c4 That guy Josh
It's nice to see this story updated and thanks for the response, it just weirded me out when all of a sudden there was a change of setting with no indication whatsoever, however it's some people's style. I found it hilarious at everyone's reactions to Ren's curry.
4/29/2017 c1 H20 Ferrum Dominus
I missed both your stories. But it is good to know that you are back in action. Keep up the good work and thanks for the chapter!
4/29/2017 c4 2Baoh joestar
Good chapter. So they came back from the future. wonder what other baggage they are bringing. Good chapter and the cardin/velvet was cute.
3/29/2017 c3 1crasyadis
More plz
3/11/2017 c3 That guy Josh
Did I miss a chapter, because the time skip is so sudden, we don't know how they met in the current time line, or anything at all since they all died. Speaking of which, how did Juane die?
3/10/2017 c3 Guest
Loving it. And remember that throwing more tanks at a problem dosent solve it get a new problem.
3/10/2017 c3 2Baoh joestar
Interesting start, I want to see this play out.
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