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for RE:Things Konoha Genin are not Allowed to do

2/18/2020 c14 Illuminated
It might be time for a Root or Anbu edition.
2/15/2020 c2 23fanofthisfiction
This is almost like Kids Say the Darndest things, except with Shinobi. You have to enjoy some of those reactions too. Thanks for sharing!
10/20/2019 c1 UsagiFriend
holy shit I forgot how fucking funny this is
10/20/2019 c13 AngryTurtle
what about konan and pein
12/27/2018 c1 fanofthisfiction
I can't help but think each of these is like a prompt for a story. You definitely leave one wondering how each of the sayings came to be a priority for the Third Hokage. Thanks for sharing!
1/2/2018 c12 Astheranum
Ajajajajajajaja, yes :D
12/31/2017 c11 18Poodie
I'd love to read some story content from you XD Chojuro's restrictions made me laugh the most for some reason XD And Ao's made me giggle. Mei will always be Mei. Glad to see an update from you! Also, I'm a girl in case you didn't know (not saying anything. Just trying to avoid future misunderstandings :3)

-Cue shameless self advertising...with some shame XD- I have the prologue to my mini parody Naruto story out. I was wondering if you can stop by and drop a review XD But you really don't have to it you don't want to :D I'm cool with anything you do.


P.s Here's an extra body bag.
12/31/2017 c11 Astheranum
12/30/2017 c11 7raw666
Tayuya, your petition to have the swear jar remove from Base 318 is denied. It is your own falut you had to pay 6,000 Ryo during your seven day visit. Its not are fault you did not learn control your mouth. Now stop or will make a swear jar maniditory for every base under Lord Orochimaru.

Tayuya, while you play beautiful magic with your flute and we encourage you do in the day to boost moral, we ask you please desist playing around midnight. We do need our sleep after all, despite the fact our boss tries his hardest to make it difficult too.

Tayuya, stop forwarding offers and petitions form music groups and orchestras to play for them. Reject them yourselves. Or maybe accept them so you get some more money to pay the swear jars that are popping up.

Fellow Sound Ninjas, stop asking Sakon and Ukon how they go to the bathroom while attach together? Also, Sakon and Ukon, for the love of god don't answer them. There are some mysteries we don't need to know.

Sakon, Ukon, we know you switch off every meeting within your shared body to sleep through the meting. Stop that, despite how boring they sound, every meeting is important and as the leader of the Sound Four, you need to listen through them. Especially when they talk about distributing the budget and pay for various sections within Sound Forces.

Kidōmaru, please stop leaving spider webs all over to quote "Catch some Prey." We do need to keep a sustainable population of expendable ninjas. We can't do that if you use your ability to hunt down shinobi, and traumatize the few kunochis we get by using your web and spiders as bondage material.

Jirōbō, stop crushing people because they call you fat. Yes we know that a good amount of your weight is muscle. That is why you use a doctor certificate that list how much body fat to prove your point. You don't crush them to prove your body is nothing but muscle.

Jirōbō, stop calling are genin weak maggots that are nothing but trash. In case you forget, you were a crybaby when you were a kid before we finished our training of you. And all of you are maggots to Lord Orchimaru and his top officers, which is defiantly not you. Sign, Kabuto.
7/11/2017 c10 18Poodie
I was excited for the Sand siblings! You have put every restiction I could think of on them XD
5/25/2017 c9 Anonymous Person
Actually it might be interesting to divide the Sand Siblings part of it into two. One could be prior to the end of the chunin exams (basically when Shukaku was still in control) and the other be perhaps after Gaara becomes kazekage.
On second thought bad idea, I literally can't think of anything you might put for (prior to chunin exams) sand siblings. As it is anything they told them to not do might very well have actually been said and that would just make the whole thing depressing not humorous.
5/24/2017 c9 7raw666
Gaara you are not to threaten people that look at your sister with lust. She can defend herself and you are scaring what few customers away.

Stop creating tentacles of sand to play with the girls in the village. We don't need that image in our heads, thank you very much.
Retracted due to number of threats from the female population of the village. Gaara is allowed to creat sand tentacled behind closed doors.

Gaara, we are not calling you magnificent red, but we did approve of your dead father's new tittle, the Douche Bag Kazekage.

Temari, the Nara heir would not happen to be tied up in your bedroom, would he be.

Temari, stop create tornadoes in the middle of town of your sutitors. At least hear them out before rejecting them, we could use the money.

Stop playing with dolls and wearing makeup Kankuro, you look like sis. Use these battle puppets and wear war paint instead. Sign your Father the Kazekage.

You requested to be transfer to another unit is denied. You are the only to survive Gaara this long and we can't afford to lose any more Jonin. Deal with it.
5/24/2017 c9 18Poodie
Hahahahahah yes! I've been waiting for the Sand team XD Kankuro is forever banned from making his own puppet designs. People are mentally scared.

Gaara is banned from talking to people. Grown men can't sleep at night.

Temari…put… the fan…down…
5/24/2017 c9 Superwin
I thought this chapter was ok, and we didn't see much of this team yet. I also have some suggestions
Gaara, please don't hug people with your sand, it's terrifying.
Kankuro, stop pick fights with little kids.
Gaara, please don't cover the village with sand, this isn't Suna.
Temari, please don't use wind Justus to spread sand all over the Village.
4/17/2017 c8 Anonymous Person
Huh, for Konohamaru I think putting a ban on teaching someone else the Oiroke no Jutsu that he learned form Naruto should be banned. After all, I'm sure that would traumatize someone for life. Though no where near the degree of Guy and Lee's freakin' sunset jutsu. That is on a whole other level thank you very much.
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