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for RE:Things Konoha Genin are not Allowed to do

4/16/2017 c8 18Poodie
Tehehehe, pretty cute and amusing! These guys were already funny in the anime as well
4/16/2017 c8 bankai777
Have them prank the 4th Raikage.
2/21/2017 c7 Anonymous Person
Huh, how about the sand siblings (idk if that's an actual nickname for them but that's how I refer to them) Gaara, Temari and Kankuro? Hopefully you aren't opposed to doing a group outside of Konoha.
Or perhaps Konohamaru and his group Moegi and Udon if I remember correctly.
2/21/2017 c7 Poodie
They can be banned from telling people to strip so that they can make sure that the persons are "clean"…especially with woman XD as usual this is funny and very amusing! Good job
2/20/2017 c7 7raw666
To Kotetsu and Izumo, you are not allowed to scare Genin leaving the village for the first time to elevate your boredom. We need them out in the field to gain experience and not scared to leave the village due to thinking "A demon is out there to get their soul," "Bandits on the prowl for young girls," "The forest are hunted and no one returns from them once they leave," "Cannibals and Witches are out to eat them," "Other Villages out to capture and rape them for their bloodline," and are favorite "A missing-nin serial killers is out there, waiting for young children to butcher for fun." Its not funny, even if some of them are true.

Kotetsu, Izumo, stop playing hot potato with a exploding note, jutsus or anything else that lethal while on gate duty. Especially in front of potential clients. We don't need to be seen more unhinged then we actually are.

While we understand your concerns, but your petition for the Hokage, Tsunade Senju to stop picking on you is rejected. She is the Hokage and has the right to treat you her slave is allowed as its not sexual in nature, and being forced to gather paper work, dance like puppets or perform menial or degrading tasks does not count.
2/19/2017 c6 Superwin
Here's some idea's for Team Konohamaru
Sarada, you cann't place use the sharangin on clients because they call you salad.
Bolt, stop calling Sarada salad.
Mitsuki, even if it works, don't use your tongue to strangle people.
Konohamaru, don't teach the genin any variations of the Sexy Jutsu.
No having others teach your student's Sexy jutsu.
You deserve what the Uchiha did.
Sarada, no creating genjutsu Sexy Jutsu.
Mitsuki, staring at couple making out is creepy. Stop it.
2/19/2017 c6 raw666
As a critic, can I suggest that at the end of every chapter that you note which teams you plan to do next as it would make it easier to make suggestions if we know which teams you want to add or not, or what you consider teams.
Would the eternal guard duo be consider a team?
Will you do Kushina's team considering we know practically nothing about two members and sensei, and mostly hear say and speculation about a third?
Do minor/short team ups be consider a team?
2/4/2017 c5 PureInsanity39
Oh my god these are awesome!
2/5/2017 c5 18Poodie
ahahahahahha Shikaku XD THAT was funny!
2/4/2017 c5 7raw666
I was expecting all the teams during the Naruto comics timeliens first before past one, nice to see you can surprised me.

Ideas for other teams:
Team Sennin:
Jiriaya, you are to stop indicating Orochimaru is a pepohile and into boys. Its against regulations to spread unproven rumors about fellow comrades.
Jiriaya, please do not use our spies within in other villages to find out the bust size of other kunochis. Build your own spy network if you want to know.
Due to sign petition by the majority of Kunochis, and their husbands, fathers and brothers, any woman is allowed to beat up on those pepping on them as long as they are on the list of preverts, otherwise they must be detained. The list include Hirzume Sarutobi (redacted after he became Hokage), and Jiriaya.
Tsunade Senju, you are forbidden from hitting anyone with your chakra enhance strength for being a quote "Pervert." Using your regular strength is allowed so long as it doesn't put them in the hospital.
Tsunade is not allowed alcohol on the job, especially when is doing surgery.
Tsunade, would you like to explain the fifty thousand yen debt you accumulated over a day in the Fire Country capital.
While we are happy you take a interest in our youth, many parents are creep out by your interest in them Orchimaru, so to avoid an indecent your forbiden from visting the academy, parks and orphanages without supervision.
Orochimaru, your are not allowed anywhere near Anko with supervision. You know what you did to her, you have derange her enough as it is and we don't want the pedophile rumors to start up, again.
2/2/2017 c4 bankai777
Will Minato's genin team show up.
2/2/2017 c4 raw666
More ideas for the next generation:
Edisu there is a reason why we reprehend you for referring Konohamaru as the "Third Hokage Grandson." We don't one of our more valuable students get kidnap because you blurt it out for everyone to hear. We are ninjas, not living bulleyes.
Due to rumors of Edisu prevertness, he joins the list of those band from Konoha's hot springs. The list that includes Jiriaya of the Sanin.
Konohamaru, just because Naruto can spew out clones like no tomorrow doesn't mean everyone else can. Please stop before you acidently kill yourself due to chakra exhaustion.
Konohamaru, want to explain why all of the Hokage saki was replaced with green tea?
Konohamaru, a restraing order cannot be put agaisnt Hanabi Hyuga due to reasons (aka Birbery).
Speaking Hanabi, you are hereby assign the next dozen missions with her, alone in... infiltration missions are husband and wife payed for by Hanabi.
Udon, stop calculating the person life expediency, its very creepy and make our clients very nervous.
Moegi, for talking about to a superior officer, you are to do a week of hard labor. Do not give me sass or your punishment will double.
Moegi is forbidden from communicating with Anko, Tenten, Ino and Sakura with supervision from Kurenai and Hianta due to developing their violent tendency.
2/2/2017 c4 18Poodie
hahahahaha expensive shampoo Neji? did TenTen forget that she is a GENIN and that she shouldnt have vibrating kunai? XD
1/30/2017 c3 3Draxien Oblivion
1/30/2017 c3 7raw666
Glad you enjoy them hope you keep up the good work.

Also Ideas for Team 9, aka Team Guy:
Might Guy, you are forbidden from taking on any more personal students after Rock Lee, effective immediately.
Rock Lee, you are forbidden from taking any personal students due to fact we can't keep retiring Genin after a week of active service.
Neji Hyuga, you are not allow to threaten any one who looks at, talk to or touch Hinata, especially Naruto. She is a big girl and can defend herself from any she doesn't want to be around them, or molested in the case of Naruto.
Neji, do you happen to know why at least 5% of our budget goes to overprice hair shampoo and why its ship directly to the Hyuga compound?
Tenten, you are not allowed to throw kunai, shurikens, rocks, bricks or any other objects not mention at female hopefuls heading at the academy for being fan-girls.
Tenten, you are forbidden from tying them up, and threatening them to with any type of weapon or blunt objects to "Change Their Ways About Being Fangirls." Especially when its in the Forbidden Forest and partner up with Anko. We have hard enough time get standard teams out, we don't need them further imbalanced because you scare the hopefuls into quitting.
Add-on: Tenten, due to higher then average graduation rate brought about scaring hopefuls straight, you are hereby order to disregraded previous orders and encourage to frightening hopefuls to scare straight, so sign Hokage, Tsunade Senju.
Add-on, Add-on: By Order of the Council and Hokage, Tenten is hereby forbidden to interact with any academy students due to a incident that cause the whole class to drop out of fear. The events leading up are hereby classified and sealed to Jonin level and up.
By order of the Hokage and the Council, Might Guy and Rock Lee are forbidden from using the sunset jutsu within fifty feet of the Hokage and any sitting member of the Council or Clan Heads.
By order of the Hokage, only Neji Hyuga and Tenten are allowed to speak and engaged with villages clients for Team Guy to prevent international incidents.
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