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for RE:Things Konoha Genin are not Allowed to do

1/30/2017 c3 18Poodie
hahahahahaha this is probably the funniest so far! i like the Shikamaru in drag thing and when GAARA AND KANKURO were chasing him through the streets half naked! so funny!
1/29/2017 c2 7raw666
Wish you did a female Naruto version with the male ones. I can see it go like this
Hinata, you are not allowed to tell others how big Naruto's breast really is under her jacket, she gets enough death threats and molests from boys and girls as it is.
Nor hit jealous girls and boys up to cope a feel for telling them
Or allowed to grope her either.
Kiba you are order to stop hitting on Naruto, she does not like you and we rather she not follow through with her death threat if we can help it.
Sasuke, the line "Do you want to help build my clan" does not impress Naruto and if you do not distress, we will asign you a new team and put a restraining order if need be.
Naruto, stop telling others the "Orioke no Jutsu" makes girls jealous for this is what you look as an adult. We don't need others thinking our konochis are total sluts

Also for Team 10 I like to see:
Choji, all you can eat buffets do not mean literately everything, so stop eating our restaurants out of business or you are banned from all Leaf and allied restraunts from now on.
Shikamaru, you are told again you cannot get others to do your job. If you do not do your hard, then yo will be assign to do hard way.
Ino, you cannot boss other teams not assign to you. You do not have the authority unless we give it you.
1/29/2017 c2 18Poodie
1/26/2017 c1 PureInsanity39
Lol the last one...sugar daddy kakashi
1/26/2017 c1 Poodie
Ahahahahahahah! Next! this was funny! i really liked it! Can i just leave a follow here? yes? thanks!
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