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3/2/2019 c29 Ravencrowsilverlight
this does not look at all i never picture grace as angel of darkness really love the story i hope tabitha will help grace fix the situation they are in is kay going to have the same pregnancy effect like tabitha did when she was pregnant with endora and with grace going dark does that mean the boys in the basement return soon i hope not continue the story please so far so good i put the story in favorite follow i hope to see more chapters from you real soon
1/29/2019 c29 Smalltownwiccanguy
i hope grace can control her anger i really do she does not need to let the dark side win her over with i am sure there has to be a way to cleanse grace soul so her soul can be brought to light i hope tabitha
can figure out a way to save her before it to late really love the new chapter looking forward to reading the new chapter from you real soon
11/16/2018 c28 Guest
Come on, Gwen and Theresa. I know both of them can muster up enough of their former bitchiness, and pretend that they didn't hear Ivy. Ivy is right where she belongs.
11/15/2018 c28 Passionslover17
I hope Ivy survives! I'm worried about Theresa, it's too early for her to go into labour :-(
11/15/2018 c28 Smalltownwiccanguy
love the chapter please continue the story
11/6/2018 c27 Smalltownwiccanguy
really love where the story is going i hope you continue the story i also put it in favorite follow really love where this is going is tabitha right is grace fallen angel is there a spell to cleanse grace bring her
to the light side again i hope so please write more
9/2/2018 c27 Guest
I might be in the minority here, but I believe that Grace is entitled to mop the sidewalk with Ivy at least once. Grace was not my favorite character, but she did what she honestly believed was the right thing. Ivy took advantage of Grace's amnesia, and very deliberately tore a family apart. She got away too easily on the show in my opinion.
8/25/2018 c27 wiccancharmedguy
oh dear this does not look good if grace did turn evil that will mean the boys in the basement plus the dark side will return again this is bad there must be a spell in the book of shadows to cleanse grace of her evil and bring her back to the light really love what you doing with the story please continue
7/27/2018 c24 Guest
Ooh, i wanna know who the attacker is and how will theresa and ethan reacts when gwen confesses about allistair. Kerp up the good work!
7/28/2018 c25 8xSmallLadySerenity13
Wow Jared’s the rapist!
7/28/2018 c25 wiccancharmedguy
theresa should forgive gwen what happen in the past should stay in the past it not good for her or for the soul if she kept on doing this kind of stuff it not good for her children either looking forward to reading the new chapter from you real soon
6/19/2018 c24 xSmallLadySerenity13
Was it Alistair?
6/5/2018 c22 wiccancharmedguy
i hope tabitha does not switch her life for a mortal she does not need to die no time soon i do wonder what news kay find out if i were tabitha i would of send endora off to Esmeralda good witch school like
she did one time in the real show i hope you continue the story really am loving it cant wait for the new chapter
5/31/2018 c21 wiccancharmedguy
i hope endora knows what she doing and the spell want backfire like the other one did if you seen charmed endora should know there is personal gain to these spells she cast i hope healing spell does work Ethan or Theresa dont need to be going through another lost again please continue
5/29/2018 c5 3sammyfromtheblock
Liked Ethan's maturity in this. Though I hope he relents and lets Gwen see her son soon. Glad Whitney is back. Hope she gets some happiness. It's long overdue. Loving the magical stuff. Timmy returning was wonderful. I miss him.
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