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for Years Gone By

2/16/2017 c6 wiccancharmedguy
oh yes so am loving this curious to know since charity and Miguel never did the deed in the real show charity power was never awaken how will her power awake now write more please
2/15/2017 c5 wiccancharmedguy
so glad Tabitha got her powers back so Tabitha need Kay and Jessica help to stop the dark side has Jessica even discover her power yet and if show is Kay teaching her how control it i am surprise to
see charity has not show up yet may be she can help to vanquish the dark side for good this time love the idea of Timmy being angel for Tabitha write more please
2/5/2017 c4 13TerryGyimah
It seems the dark side is returning to Harmony or evil itself is returning to Harmony and if that is the case then well I am all for that

But wait a minute here if the dark side comes back how can that be? I mean Tabitha she pretty much gave up her powers to save everyone and not to mention Endora she has powers too she's a good witch but Endora she is also a Crane too on top of it and not to mention Maria doesn't she have powers too? I mean all the Standish women have powers don't they? Because Kay said that her mother Grace had powers and Charity's mom Kay's Aunt Faith had powers too Charity has powers and not to mention Jessica has powers too but she never uses them apparently

But I thought that evil was gone especially considering Alistair is dead unless Alistair is somehow alive in this...well if that is the case then of course it's Alistair the man has faked his death I don't know how many times

And also there's Juanita Vasquez if she is on the loose and out of prison then the Lopez-Fitzgeralds are in danger

But then how about all the other children in Harmony like Sheridan & Luis' son Marty? Or how about Whitney and Chad's son Miles? Wasn't Whitney pregnant with Chad's baby before his death so then Whitney must have given birth to that baby in your story by now and not to mention Fancy & Luis could have had children themselves or how about Sheridan & Antonio they could have had children themselves too or how about Noah & Paloma?
1/31/2017 c4 wiccancharmedguy
this dont look good at at all will Tabitha be strong enough to stop the darkside will she warn kay and the other about it please write more
1/30/2017 c2 wiccancharmedguy
love this story write more please bring in tabitha in the next chapter she my favorite in passion
1/30/2017 c1 wiccancharmedguy
this is good story please write more chapters
1/30/2017 c2 jackjenfan
Interesting story!
1/30/2017 c1 7VigilanteFaith
1/28/2017 c1 Jonathan
I want to . Show. Soap opera. Passions. I. Couples.
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