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4/7 c13 Rugrats1992
That was awesome! Your series was awesome, I really enjoyed it! It was funny how you went from using scenarios from the show itself but then going with your original stories with an overarching plot onwards.

The comedy was great, the character development was great, the adventures were fun, it was all one wild ride. You did an amazing job with this, that wait was worth it.
4/3 c13 23Bennyweirlover17
this was such an amazing and fantastic story and ending I loved it but I just wanna say that I’ll miss you as a author for MBAV very much but I hope that the next chapter and adventure/journey with yourself will be just as great as your previous ones before so take care my friend and like you always say keep on keeping on
4/1 c14 30MBAV fan66
*sniffle sniffle* I'll miss you being a MBAV fic writer, fanfic buddy. :( *sniffle* But I understand! :) *hugs* Its just you time to finally give it all up, now. As you've grown out of it, now. And as you grow, so do your interest, too. But I totally respect your decision and support you. :) May your journey guide you to newer and better things, my friend. *bows to you in enlightenment, like the monks do*

And don't worry! You can bet I'll be here blowing up your DM with messages, too! It's kinda what I do. *nonchalant shrug* ;D Lol! It truly has been an honor to be able to be here for you through the entire Friend series, my friend. And I'm very proud of you, too, for deciding to see it through to the end, as well. You deserve an award or something, in my book, fanfic buddy! :D But! Since I don't have any awards to give out, how about I just give you a well deserved clap of recognition for all your hard work, huh? *stands up and starts clapping proudly at you* :) Well done, fanfic buddy! Well done! ;)
4/1 c13 MBAV fan66
*starts crying tears of joy at all the happiness and feels I'm getting right now from this chapter* THAT WAS SO HEARTWARMING AND TOUCHING AND-AND...WAAAAAAAHHHH! I JUST CAN'T TAKE ALL THE LOVE AND AWESOMENESS I FEELING RIGHT NOW! D'x *blows nose* I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, FANFIC BUDDY! *gives you a big teary-eyed hug* FRIENDS FOREVER, INDEED! *flashes a thumbs up. then cues sappy song about friendship, love, and happiness* :)

Best happy ending, EVER! :D Everybody gets what they want in the end! The vamps get cured and become human again! Ethan and Sarah traveling the world together and loving every minute of it, too! Erica marries Rory! And Benny and Sky get to have their perfect little family, together! Living the dream of a happy life! To bad, Benny had to lose his powers, though. :( But at least, he's got his kids and Sky around, though! So, who needs magical powers when you have family?! Am I right?! :D May his and everybody else's live be filled with happiness and joy! Oh, and normalcy, too! For as long as they live! ;D
3/31 c12 23Bennyweirlover17
this is so good and perfect
3/30 c12 30MBAV fan66
Dude! That was INTENSE! :D What a final battle! *starts clapping in amazement*

I hope Sky and the babies will be alright. And I hope Benny will be, too. Hopefully, by giving up his powers that he manage to catch a break and didn't die afterwards as a result. Come on Benny bear! You got this! I just know that you're gonna make it! *crosses figures in the hopes that I'm right*

That spell, though. When I saw what it meant in English, I was like..."that sorta reminds me of that one nursery rhyme. Ring Around The Roses"! :D Lol! :P

I so pumped to see how it all ends, next! The final chapter is now upon us! EEEEEKKK! XD
3/29 c11 23Bennyweirlover17
this is such an amazingly written chapter I love everything about it and you’ve done such a fantastic job writing it so props to you my friend
3/29 c11 30MBAV fan66
Ok. So, that guest review you got just a few minutes ago was me. The dumb site had automatically logged me out without me knowing it when I had submitted it. :/
3/29 c11 Guest
Holy bananas! Things just got kinda deep there between Sky and Erica while out shopping together! Lol! Poor Erica, though. I feel for yah, girl. I feel for yah. *gives Erica a hug*

So, I guess that means Ethan got the position, then! Huh?! Lol! ;D

Things are getting down to the wire, now! Benny getting to have one last conversation with his Grandma, spiritually! Which was more like a warning of what's to come with Mark. :P Rory's gonna purpose to Erica after graduation! Ethan still trying to figure out what his future will look like after high school! And Mark preparing to make his final big move against Team V, right now! Oh! And let's not forget about the baby/babies (I can't remember if you had her having twins or not?) being born, too! That should be happening probably here soon, as well! :D I wonder what kind of big necessary sacrifice Benny will have to make in order to defeat Mark and to be able to see his beloved parents once again?

Not gonna lie, though. I was starting to think that you'd never get around to finally updating this story again. Lol! But I know how busy of a person you've been here lately. So, it's cool, yo! ;P *then gives you a friendly hug, just because I want to*
11/25/2019 c10 MBAV fan66
Uh! FINALLY! I had the time to read this thing! Lol! But here I am now! And I bring with me a review, like always! :D

First, off! Poor Benny. Still missing his grandma each and everyday without her there anymore. I feel for yah bro! I really do! Granted, I don't drink myself until I'm buzzed (or drink at all, for that matter!) just to see her again, though. Lol! And my missed loved one isn't a person, but a cat, I still miss him dearly and still see him in my dreams at times, too. So, we kinda in the same boat. I think? *shrug* :)

Even in other dimensions, Sky and Benny were meant to be together! Granted, alter-Sky and alter-Benny ARE two completely different personalities that are probably polar opposites of one another, though, compared to this dimension's Sky and Benny. It's still nice to know that not even that can keep them apart romantically.

That you were right Rory! And even though no one is giving you props for it, I will! So, good job Rory! *hi-fives Rory* :D

Alter-Erica reminded me so much of Sunday Clovers. Lol! I loved Erica's reaction towards her alter-self! Lol! XD And Ethan's reaction to his alter-self, too! Obviously, those two pairs don't get along very well. Well, I mean, they do but its just funny to see how indifferent they are to one another, though! Great stuff, right there! ;D

Now, Mark's even more powerful than ever before, thanks to that potion that Evil Sarah was able to give him! Well...technically, he's not all THAT powerful, just yet. Seeing as the potion allows him to steal another person's power to add to his own. So, he's still the same level of powerful he's always been at, now. Until he's able to absorb the person who he plans to still their magic from, that is. But somehow, I think Mark just dug his own grave, now. Evil Sarah tried to warn him of the risk, but he took the potion anyway just for his own power hungry purposes. He's letting having ultimate power and revenge cloud his mind and judgement. Now he's doomed! DOOMED I tell yah! Hahahaha! *looks down bashfully while blushing* Sorry. I got carried away there for a sec. ;P Anyway, that's it from me! I can't wait to see what you have in store for this story next!
11/25/2019 c10 23Bennyweirlover17
this chapter is awesome and I’m glad this story is still continuing keep up the good work on writing it
12/31/2017 c9 Bennyweirlover17
Wow I was really scared for Ethan and Benny this whole chapter but I loved it nonetheless great job can't wait for more
12/31/2017 c9 30MBAV fan66
Man! Are those hormones a BITCH! Lol! It's even worse (not to mention even more dangerous now) when it's someone with magical powers! Like Sky! Lol! Like, if she wanted to she could just...blow you up with a spell if she was ticked off enough by something so meaningless and trivial that shouldn't set a normal person off so easily like that! Lol! Poor Benny and the rest of the Bryan household because they have to put up with it on a regular and daily basis unlike the rest of the gang who can just easily leave and go home to escape the wrath of a hormonal pregnant Sky! Lol! XD But I have to admit! It had me going though! Lol! XD

I wonder how Soldais and Potenia manage to live so long if they were originally born in the olden days of Whitechapel? Maybe since Potenia is also a spellmaster, as well, she used some sort of immortality or everlasting youth spell on her and him and maybe even on the rest of the members of the Animos, then? It seems like they only go after the more powerful seers in the Morgan family. I mean, why else have they not went after Ethan's dad too since he's also has the gift? *giggle* But then again, Soldais did say that they wanted Ethan because he was still young and would be easier to train...or rather, to control and manipulate, anyways. ;P Ethan should be proud of himself to be the only Morgan in history to go up against the Animos and survive. :) Now they're all in custody at that super secrete supernatural organization that Jesse works for.

I bet when Soldais woke up he probably felt really stupid and embarrassed to be so easily taken out by something so silly as a flower pot. Huh? Lol! :P

It appears that being a seer is mainly inherited by the men in the family and is less likely to be inhertied by a female. Potenia just might've been the only female seer in the world. Too bad, she had to die, though because she was plotting to take over the world with a powerful army of seers by her side. A bit cliched though with the villain part sitting a big comfy chair with a while cat in their lap. Lol! But I still loved it though! :D Classic! *gives you two thumbs up* ;P

Potenia probably could've won if only she didn't trap Sarah inside her own mind. Then maybe she would've had a chance at victory over Ethan's mind games. Lol! That was her downfall, right there. Over estimating him. Surely, she had known that by trapping Sarah in her mind would only make her weaker from the amount of mind power it takes to completely keep two separate consciouses in one body like that, entirely. Especially, for a lengthy time. Eventually, it'll take it's toll on you.

I bet Ethan feels really horrible and guilty for what he did to Potenia. He's never killed somebody that was a human, before. Only those that weren't, like vampires and other non-human supernatural beings. He's gonna need some time to get over this win, a bit. Lol! But I bet it won't take long for him to get over it though! *giggle* Thanks with a little help from Sarah, that is. *giggle* ;D

Both Ethan and Benny know that by stripping away Benny's seer ability to save him from himself could have some serious complications with it. Mainly, how it usually tends to end in death for the individual undergoing the process. It's just too much for the mind and body to take at once. I hope if they do decided to go through with it that they are able to find some way around that little fact and find a loophole that won't end in death for Benny. Or him just completely lossing it all together, if he does survive physically, but not mentally, though. Maybe they can find way for Benny to be the first successful case that didn't resulted in total failure way or another. *shivers at the thought of it*

Alright! I'm ending it here! Lol! I'm sure this review is long enough for you, as it is. *giggle* ;) Anyways, I can't wait for the next one in the new year! No matter when it'll be! Because I'm that awesome! *poses proudly like a bad ass* ;D

HAPPY EARLY NEW YEAR'S, FANFIC BUDDY! IN CASE I FORGET TO TELL YOU THEN! *waves at you like a maniac with a little party hat on and then blows on one of those noise maker thingies* :D
9/25/2017 c8 23Bennyweirlover17
Wow thanks for giving me the feels on that chapter very emotional anyway can't wait for more
9/24/2017 c8 30MBAV fan66
*breaks down in tears of joy, as a rivers flows from my weeping eyes* DX (suppose to be sad face crying happy tears) :P

Not sure if you realized this or not, but Scooter's description sounds just the Scar's description from The Lion King. You know...if he was human, that is. ;P And had curly hair. Lol!

So, they're not having one, but TWO little babies, instead! Double the Weir means double the trouble, now! Lol! Boy! Are Sky and Benny going to have their hands full, huh? Lol! Especially, they both turn out to inherit Benny's mischievous behavior. Lol! :P At least, they can count on the others to be there for back up when things get a bit out of control from the trouble-making duo. Especially, when they hit the terrible twos! ;D

Maybe this just might be the medicine that Benny needs? *strokes chin while thinking* On second thought...it wouldn't help to maybe have him on some kind of relaxant medication, after all. I mean, he did just hallucinate Ethan being Mark and then slapped him and bolted out of the house like a madman almost right into traffic all while having a panic attack. I'm assuming they haven't told the others about it, yet. The day started off bad for Benny, but ended up becoming a great one by the end of it for him. Finding out that you're having twins and what the genders are all in one day (plus some quality one-one time with his favorite gal ;D) is enough to make any bad day that much more better! :D

Great chapter fanfic buddy! Can't wait for the next! However long it may take! :D
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