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9/8/2019 c4 6watlocked
THIS IS AMAZING! I’m binge reading it after needing an uplift from rewatching the movie and oh my gosh I love it! It’s perfect!
3/17/2019 c9 Guest
Tea then milk.
Always tea then milk.
7/14/2018 c28 Guest
Just found your story! Pls keep writing! I’m so in love with your rendition of these beautiful characters️ Eagerly awaiting the next chapter!
4/9/2018 c28 Nandamesser
Just spent the whole day reading your story! You got me so invested in their stories, their pain and their road to recovery. Wish I were a better writer so that I could write a propper review. Cant wait to see what they are going to do!

Thank you for writing!
2/1/2018 c26 388fiesa
We do, don't we? Become like our parents. Become our parents. It is scary, sometimes. I guess once you're old enough to realize your childhood is really behind you.

I liked this chapter because of a) Chirrut, b) Cassian being the one to make dinner for Jyn, c) Jyn going to Cassian's on her own.

I sometimes forget about him, but he and Baze are such integral characters in this story (and in the Rogue One story itself) that I couldn't imagine it without them. You really write him well, this mysterious, wise and still humorous character, full of kindness and understanding. Baze is a bit like that, too, but different, in the end. And Jyn, in all versions, profits from having them by her side. I wouldn't say they're a father figure for her - but elder brothers, old enough to be role models and protectors and advisors in one.

That one allusion to Luke made me really want to see him again, in your story. Will he appear again? Because I love the idea of him being just another boy from next door, with a twin sister and full of kindness and optimism, helping in so normal, mundane ways by just being himself. Not the big savior, not the legend - just Luke. Him being Jyn's sparring partner - that must be really fun to watch :) I bet he's very, very good. But probably too softhearted to seriously attempt to flatten Jyn in the ring. Not ambitious enough? Maybe :)

I'm really glad Jyn and Cassian got to talk a bit, and to rest. It doesn't have to be /the/ conversation, the one that solves all their problems and puts all the dark things on the table. They can just talk. And be together. And fall asleep together, and sleep peacefully. That dream left Cassian a bit more vulnerable and a bit stronger, and I hope he'll be able to share that with Jyn. In return, she will also share something of hers, probably.

Hm, I'm rambling because I've said it often enough, I guess. Your way of writing these characters is beautiful, I am entranced by them in every new chapter! It's great coming back here and watching them grow togther, and walk forward. I hope they'll find their way.

Thank you so much for sharing this!
2/1/2018 c25 fiesa
Welcome back! It's been a year since Rogue One, and a bit more :) It's always so good to see your name on my notification list, and I am still worrying with Bodhi, obsessing with Jyn and am very afraid for Cassian whenever I return to this story of yours. Thanks for continuing onwards!

This chapter was painful to read, because 1) Cassian, and how Jyn sees him now, and 2) Bodhi, and how Jyn sees him now. Wow, three men in her life - four, counting Saw - and each one managed to either mess with her horribly or at least has the potential to do so, at one point or another. I am loving the way Jyn develops, the way she is slowly opening up to Cassian, worrying for him, starting to let him in. She's already halfway in love with him and I'm guessing it won't take too much effort on his side any longer. The thing that probably will be standing between them will be they themselves, too wary, too afraid and too mistrustful to let anyone close. Loving people is an ambiguous thing, I guess. Too near, too far, where's the line and how to keep the balance? At the same time, I'm really glad Jyn has someone who cares for her - and Cassian has someone who cares for him. They need this. And here's to hoping that they will find a way to stay together, despite whatever the future (and past) might throw at them. Preferably less angst than in your last story, but I guess I'm not that particular about the path as long as it ends at a moderately happy place :)

I get what Jyn is feeling in regard to Bodhi, at least marginally. But I can't help feeling that she's pretty unfair, just now. Of course, first reactions are seldom just and fair. I hope she manages to sort out her feelings; personally, I think the only reason why she could really blame him is that he withheld the envelope from her father. If someone tricked Bodhi into talking to him, believing he was an army psychologist, who can blame him? But he should have told her as soon as he realized. I also get what Bodhi thought, and perhaps even felt. I wouldn't want Jyn to break because of this. But I'm not in their shoes - they'll have to figure it out. I think their friendship should be strong enough to be strengthened by the events, not broken - but I'll wait and see.

Either way, I think my favorite part was the one in which Jyn makes breakfast for Cassian, and insists that it's the most important meal of the day. I agree, and I think Cassian kept the apple and ate it th next day, when he had no breakfast, because he thought of Jyn, figured she'd want him to eat something and did so. Small steps.

There's another chapter to read! I'm off! Thank you for sharing this here - as usual, it was a treat!
1/7/2018 c24 Anon
Lovely story! So well written, interesting and suspenseful. I hope you’ll update soon because I can’t wait to read more.
12/2/2017 c23 4KINGlena
I really enjoy this story! I hope you keep at it!
12/2/2017 c24 388fiesa
Galen Erso did what? Galen Erso? How? Why? Oh, it's going down! Yay!

Sorry. One thing after the other.

Welcome back! It's great to see a new chapter. I know it always takes me some time to actually read it, but I'm always looking forward to it.

This chapter made me very, very jittery. Cassian seemed so out of it, distraced and odd, and everybody noticed, Jyn, Kay, probably Bodhi and the other guests of the cafe, too. Mon Mothma, for sure. I'm still trying to decide whether getting his gun license back was a good thing or not. Of course, Cassian feels safer with it, but there seems to be something else hidden there, maybe a memory, maybe a glimpse of the future, that tells him that it's not everything anymore. Maybe he's just coming to realize that a gun isn't the only thing that can protect him. Maybe he's just realizing that his gun won't be enough to set things right in his world.

I really hope he gets to meet that one friend who thinks he is dead.

And I absolutely love how you added Leia, Lando and Han to the story, and how you describe them in such few sentences and yet so thoroughly. Tiny, bossy, beautiful Leia who has both Luke and Han firmly under her thumb. Han, all bluster and deception and self-confidence bordering on cockiness, and still, when Leia's in the room, he cares less for his reputation as a heart-breaker than for anything else, and can't take his eyes off her. I think that part was my favorite one in this chapter.

And the almost-end, of course, with Cassian waking Jyn from her nightmare when coming home.

The ending was quite a shock. I'm really, really stumped as to what Galen Erso is planning or why he even called - oh, maybe I can think of a few things, but still - and am looking forward to finding out! I just hope nothing is going to happen to Cassian, Jyn and all the others. In this chapter, because I was so nervous, I was afraid something would happen to Cassian on that very first assignment after he had his weapon returned. Thankfully, nothing happened. Yet.

Thank you for sharing this new chapter! It was a wonderful read.
11/29/2017 c24 2green-jedi
I love how this has progressed! Slowly, hesitantly. It’s really beautiful. Excited to read more!
11/22/2017 c23 LaraTass
I just found this story. I like it a lot! So much I read all the chapters posted in one day! Please post soon!
11/22/2017 c23 Guest
Lovely story! I can’t wait to read more.
11/3/2017 c23 388fiesa
I wonder. Can you hear the sound a human head makes when a bullet passes through it from thirty meters?

Not that it matters, really :)

I think the most heartbreaking thing in this chapter is the fact that Cassian believes September is an unlucky month for him, and that he's so afraid for Jyn. That something might happen to her this month. That something might take her. I don't know... He might break completely if that would happen.

I'm afraid for him, too. He'd kill the people who killed his parents without hesitation. He's far from better, just barely functioning. Giving him back the gun - it's probably both good and bad. And I hope it will give him back some semblance of security and safety, and not make him feel even worse for it. I really hope so.

Why is Kay laughing? Because Draven expects Cassian's shooting range results? Well, maybe I just didn't get the joke.

So Cassian's not going to embark on a personal vendetta on Draven's watch. That lie was so transparent I wonder the general hasn't seen through it. On the other hand... He probably has. And he knows he can't stop Cassian from anything. I just hope his personal vendetta won't be thing that finally throws him over the edge of the abyss.

Thank you for this chapter! Reading it was, as always, wonderful. I'm feeling with Jyn here, too. You describe the characters really, really well.
11/1/2017 c22 fiesa

I really thought, halfway through the chapter, that this had been the climax - and then you top it off with that ending, and everything just... collapses. Way to build up the tension, masterfully done. Simply beautiful.

I love this chapter, for the following reasons:

1) Kes Dameron has to spill the beans. And I know he doesn't want to, and I know he's being tricked, and yet. He needed to talk to someone about it, and I'm glad he could. I'm not happy - as he is, probably - that it was Cassian, because Cassian is not calm and kind and understanding, anything but, and I mean that in the best sense of the words. He's - well, Kes says so himself: he doesn't trust him. And that's sad, but that's also the way Cassian set it up, and perhaps also the way it has to be. But he wanted to help, and he was able to help, even if it only was part of the problem he could solve. Why I still love this part is because I hope, hope, /hope/ that Kes learned a few things from it: for one, he can trust his partners, second, sometimes he needs to, even if he doesn't want to, and third, I pray that it will have taught him that he's easy to read and easy to trick, and that he'll work on that. Because I sure as hell don't want to see him dead because he put his nose into something else he had no business nosing around in, and that's, I think, exactly what Cassian wanted to achieve. Aside, of course, of the fact that he really wanted to help Kes. (they must be a precious family, Shara, Kes and Poe. I wish I knew them.)

2) The way Cassian misses Jyn, with an almost constant ache.

3) The second-last part seemed to be the main part, the one where Cassian calls Hernando. And I feel much like Wedge and Kes feel. It was legal, what he did, of course, and it's, if I may believe TV shows and movies, not an uncommon thing to apply "pressure". But as a normal person, it is nothing else than blackmail. Emotional blackmail, and that I really dislike a lot. Cassian is willing to sacrifice so much for Jyn and the case, and also to help and protect the others. And this shows how far he's already gone. It hurts, really does, but it was one heck professionally done and efficient work, and it really might give them a break in the case. And because you wrote it so clinically and show every single facet of Cassian, even the ones everybody probably dislikes him for and which he probably dislikes himself, I loved this part.

4) And while the end was wonderful in so many aspects, one thing was the most important for me: I really, really, really wish that everyone would find a person who loves one so much that they would make sure there was someone else one could go to for comfort and calm in case this person wasn't enough, like Cassian makes sure Bodhi is there for Jyn in case she doesn't want to see him after what he has come to tell her.

And with that, thank you for this absolutely brilliant, wonderful chapter. Enough said.
10/26/2017 c21 fiesa
Bodhi's right.

The first chapters, even the first ten, they were all stuck, or maybe lost, somewhere between the past and the present: never arriving, never leaving. Just... drifting, perhaps, unable to find their way anywhere. That's true for Jyn and Cassian, but also for Bodhi, I think, even if he was less in the focus of the story. But now... Now, they're /moving/ somewhere. NObody's able to tell where yet, and how, and whether it will be heartbreakingly painful or wonderful. But they're going somewhere, and, best of all: they're going together. It's beautiful to watch.

I loved the first part, with Cassian and Jyn waking up together, almost like a normal couple. With Cassian realizing that this is the way he wants to wake up every day, even if he's not ready to admit that, I bet. And the second part, with Bodhi, was relaxing, a change of the scenery, and still a vital part of the story.

Leia. Leia! Yes! I bet her job could be useful for Cassian and Jyn, at one point, but maybe I'm guessing too much here. First of all, I'm just glad that Jyn and Cassian are able to catch their breaths a bit, and that Bodhi and Luke are growing closer, and that all of them are alright. It's probably bound to get worse before it gets better again, but I'm taking this calm here (it does feel like the calm before the storm) as a very real, peaceful break.

This was a lovely chapter, and even lovelier: you posted two more! Thank you so much for sharing this story here, I really love it.
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