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8/10/2021 c22 ShiSued
MAN... kinda hopping for an M/M... but this is okay too.
8/9/2021 c11 ShiSued
8/9/2021 c10 ShiSued
Oh damn Why in heaven's name did I only find this now?!
8/9/2021 c8 ShiSued
Sakura as top whilst Kakashi as the bottom? Yessur
8/9/2021 c8 ShiSued
KAKASHI BEING Submissive and breedable? yes.
3/6/2018 c1 JourneyB
More please? :3
9/5/2017 c20 Huntress9894
Nooo! My heart just breaks at kakashi crying! I can legitly say poor little kakashi cause hes a girl now and probably not as tall as he was before. Man, that was awesome though, cause you the realization takes a bit to set in and kakashi actually realizing "im a girl!" Was an awesome moment at the end
9/2/2017 c18 Huntress9894
XD XD XD im like buzzing so much at the anticipation! Though i have to wonder why kakashi and sakura are having irritation with each other. What happened to let kakashi feel the way. Does he still believe its hormones, and i feel like sakura would attempt to talk about it (then again, she is a dude now...)
9/1/2017 c16 Huntress9894
:) it makes me feel really giddy the moment when kakashi changes into a girl and all the other changes that come with being a female cause sakura changed a lot. Itll be interesting to see it for kakashi! Though i have to wonder who theyre gonna choose to do the jutsu. Would it be naruto cause he got like an insane amount of chakra and they dont want to take chances. Oooh, i just cant wait to see what happens next!
9/1/2017 c16 Suzululu4moe
That's a drastic twist . Is it for kids? With the medical might of Tsunade Shizune and Sakura and the chakra battery of two forehead seals and the kyuubi it would be simple to make a test tube baby from their DNA and implant it into a surrogate mother.
9/1/2017 c14 Ann
Why are they even entertaining Mebuki here? She may be Sakura's mother, but demanding someone change their gender should be an automatic "Get out of my house"/"Keep talking and I'm disowning you as a parent" situation.
9/1/2017 c14 Huntress9894
Wait! So by no genderbending in the sequel, does that mean that kakashi wont be a girl? Man, i was excited for that, but you know its fine, i still love the story (and i love mebuki's over protectiveness lol XD) i wonder what will orochimaru's attempts will be... love the story, cant get over how giggly it is
8/31/2017 c12 lexianthegreat
Im laughing at how Sakura was like" what is this? My divine punishment?!" Now if they make out they have to be extra sneaky about it! Ahahaha I also like the height difference between kakashi and Sakura, it's lovely (*)( i also like bottom kakashi in any relationship sooo I'm bias ehehhehehehehhe) Greta story tho !
8/31/2017 c12 Huntress9894
Wow! This story is awesome! Poor sakura and kakashi, mebuki is gonna be the house. Cant wait to see what happens next :)
8/31/2017 c12 Suzululu4moe
Though wouldn't she just get in the way in more ways than one as a liability.
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