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for Gate: Thus the Sorcerous Kingdom Fought There

2/27 c1 Mulletman
Naming his son after an evil fly god. Lol
2/25 c1 E
Bruh there's like 4 overlord crossovers longer than 5k words in English, and you have the gall to write something this long that is full of OCs without tagging it? I was so hopeful and then I saw that Ainz has a kid and this random girl named Esdeath. Who the fuck are they? Damn, I could've overlooked the spelling problems too, but the OCs and the inclusion of fucking Anime noises in *writing* is too heinous for me. Sorry m8, I'm outa here.
2/24 c41 miguellopezvarela007
At this point, I dont know if its fair calling Ainz domain kingdombecause it resembles more a theocracy or a autocracy ,very similar to Tsarist regime.
2/8 c1 2LightTrain
Haha! I knew the instant I saw Esdeath was in this fic who wrote it. If it’s anything like Overlordly Broken I think I’m going to enjoy this
2/4 c1 Fenix Obscuro 17
Hola buenas días tarde o noche mi nombre es fénix obscuro 17, ya leído todo me justaria mucho si me puedes perstar tu historia es que tengo un canal de dicho nombre peri en tu versión original te dejare mi correo electrónico para que puedas responder
2/4 c35 Drack fanfic
Hola me encanta tu historia, me justaria mucho si me puedes perstar tu historia
1/31 c24 2The Man Sitting Under A Tree
What the fuck is happening
1/20 c41 Guest
Esdeath is crazy.
1/19 c41 Chaoseater2010
Simply divine.
1/19 c41 Guest
Know this is late, but thank you for the new chapter.
1/19 c1 Guest
Cuando sacas los siguientes capítulos gracibas muy buenas historias
1/18 c36 PikaMew1288
I think the reason why people spam the review section is due to the Cliffhangers at the end of the chapter. You are basically challenging them to do so. Also, are these guys at the end idiots? There is nothing stopping Ainz from Resurrecting the Camp and having them reveal the truth causing the Unknown Enemy to have attention drawn to them.
1/16 c25 1Insane Wombat
Too many OC's.
1/16 c13 PikaMew1288
How I think a intelligent Supervillain would take over Earth would be to 1: Create an AI completely loyal to them, 2: dig up the dirty laundry on every Government in the World, 3: Release it in a way that ensures the collapse of all the World's Governments and 4: Take over while everything is in Chaos. Superheroes can't really fight the legitimate Government after all.
1/16 c41 Overlord TH
Really liking this fiction.
Need more chapters of Ainz against all them see what happens to those who go against the Sorcerer's kingdom.
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