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for Gate: Thus the Sorcerous Kingdom Fought There

6/4 c4 vbolneo
ch 4 far as i read it's splendid hope it's get better
5/23 c2 Kien Vu
I love it, man, but I'm a little confused about who Esdeath is and how strong Beelzebub and Esdeath is compared to others in Nazarick.
5/22 c6 Aedwards179
Why does it seem like the writing is getting worse the more chapters I read. I would expect it to slowly get better not worse.
5/7 c43 sugoijack9
If you are all confused to what the heck is going on here.

The enemy here are from Ainz's party.
Or more like Demiurge design. The grand plan is updated by Ulbert.

That is all and this author weird fetish of double sided plot.
4/25 c43 alan.benjamin.reyes2004
I love this story, for me everything is great
4/22 c43 Guest
Aiz attitude is fine as he has become smarter & savy over his years of rulership with an iron fist
4/23 c10 kennymadison11
I love Edward
4/19 c1 Guest
There would be nothing wrong with the story if you just remove ALL the OCs that only lower the quality of the story, especially Ranye or Esdeath (whatever her name is, just like you stole the name). The rest I would say is fine, just that Ainz's attitude has become disgusting, I recommend that you start from scratch, from volume 6 or 7 of Overlord The truth would be interesting a fictional story from that point in history.
3/9 c30 Guest
Ulbert's inclusion in the story sucks
3/5 c24 Guest
What the hell did you consume when you wrote this shit?
2/23 c19 Guest
It took all my effort not to fall asleep reading this, but this story is too CONVENIENT, every word is basically Sorcerous Realmeverything else. More than boring, the dialogues are really annoying, very dry, lifeless, forced. The OCs are the worst, so far my review, I hope it helps you.
2/22 c2 Albwin
So far Esdeath acts like the child of Shalltear and Clementine that got dropped on her head as a baby, and yet people keep blowing her even when she is cavalier, insulting, and disrespectful to her betters; yet another story ruined by OCs...
2/19 c17 Guest
This story has surprisingly high levels of cringe
2/5 c1 danishbhandari30
well I say truthfully this fan fic was good for time pass and seeing oc character 's intraction but I sometimes feel like it was little bet if a strach like for example a prince of a foreign country falling in love with a princess of a enemy country and on top of that that prince is one of most kind hearted out of all his family and their Direct subordinates towards outsiders and Esdeath is kind of don't fit in this kind of crossover because this kind of character with a very crazy personality is more suitable in a anime with constant war or some kind of dangerous like Attack on Titan or Evil sage rather than this crossover or Overlord become we are not particularly looking for MC or OC utter dismantle their enemy but more to strategy,plans , countermeasures and countermeasures countermeasures and psychology warfare afterall Overlord is so loved because their no BS like power of love or friendship MC is not as stupid as he shown after Ainz may have some luck on his side sometimes but his negotiation skills and experience in gameplay which is in Overlord universe is like physics for magic and other related stuff alone put many MC'S of other Anime s to shame and not to mention his ability to adapt to new situation like if u put any other MC on Ainz place they will freak out or if put in situation like shalltear brainwash they may get shock or traumatise not to mention they will be more up front so their be no planing just brawl strength which also limit NPCs growth and even stain NPCs loyalty toward themselves and on other what ever Ainz is effective for long-term and have shown some reason for it like cocytus attack on lizard man village as experiment to see if NPCs can learn new things without having any levels for that particular work and his logistics thinking which shows us world is not all colours and flowers and we have to make tough dicision and Ainz carisma ias a leader committed, caring, strict, logical and ability to us ever resource to it full capacity and many more is also why overlord is so unique compere to others he is op but still improve himself in all other ways unlike other MC's which get relax,lazy, careless and arrogant after getting even somewhat powerful compere to people in his/her surrounding or behave like some teen ager in puberty well it was somewhat fun to read hope to see your other new fan fics on Overlord in future. have a good day.
1/29 c16 11Solidorex
Im sorry but Esdeath just cuts the quality of this fic in half. Shes just ANNOYING as f. in every way she somehow ruins the thing I love most about Overlord. Her emo/depressed personality shouldnt be THIS BAD. Doesnt fit Overlord, it just doesnt. Everything that Ainz makes she somehow makes it look bad. I read this fanfic once and I disliked her then, but now I do even more. Maybe she was great in your other fanfic, but in this one shes just annoying to the cc and to the readers.
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