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for Gate: Thus the Sorcerous Kingdom Fought There

6/27 c1 candrariski155
What's the real purpose of this story, Honestly I'm really confused reading this story
6/24 c27 6Wheel0fDawn
Would we one day get more of a back story for some of these characters? I'd love to know more about Elysia, and an Akemi was mentioned before also
6/22 c1 12summer164
Great story, I like when the Sarade empire gets slapped down.
6/4 c43 AMON ADAMA
I really like the story that you have created throughout this time with the anime gate I hope you can continue to the next chapter I am always looking forward to it
6/1 c1 1Bicorn
when the next chapter be release? its been a long while, is it on hiatus?
5/22 c21 AMurder0fCrows
I came to see nazarick not a bunch of OCs
5/12 c1 lypril
just founded this,readed the first chapter,and already got me hook and thinking this is good.
5/7 c37 Ainz227
Hello, I have a question (although I actually have several, but I'll do them another time), I'm just starting to read chapter 38 and since Ulbert appeared I've been wondering, how many years was Ulbert on Earth (assuming it was there where did he get to be transported from YGGDRASIL) from his arrival to the current time?
5/1 c6 Cross69
4/14 c1 Garatak
The premise is interessting butg the OCs destroy the whole story. Lots of potential wasted.
4/7 c4 Dima Elkin
OC characters in this story are not just edgy and boring, they feel completely out of place in this story. Another decent written Overlord fanfic with shitty OCs, I'm really sad about this.
4/7 c4 Turtle dude32
I never understood why when people talk about such secretive topics they do it out in the open? She is talking about killing the crown prince, her BROTHER and she just thinks no one can possible hear her.
4/4 c43 Freetimedude77
When is next chapter?
3/29 c22 Guest
I don't have enough words to describe this story. It's a headache, they made me want to sleep so much that you , players are super buffed, "They are easily superior to Gods!" Don't make me laugh! The Overlord system is based on a GAME for the Japanese of the future. I mean, if you face a God, a CREATOR, he can easily erase your Skin to which hours of your life will be invested. This story is very poorly developed, I like the time and effort you put into it, but no offense, this sucks. "Ainz is a supreme being," agreed. But for you to have nerfed Gods and buffed Overlord characters so unfairly. I find this too gross. Anyway, thanks for the effort, I abandon this story here. You have a good day.
3/26 c43 Guest
Your stories are amazing! Your grammar is thumbs up as we want more. Hope the next chapter comes soon
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