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for Gate: Thus the Sorcerous Kingdom Fought There

1/29/2017 c1 17ZeroSenpai
I was waiting this croosover for a long time thank you for starting this, i think the JSDF doesn't existe in this story, if i want to see them i only need to watch the anime, i think it will be interesting see what happen where the army of Ainz will arrive and what will change from the original story.
1/29/2017 c1 Shirosaki Kizuro
There's no need for JSDF to appear I think, it will only complicate the story more than necessary. Though its still possible to create a new plot with them joining in

And I couldn't help but feel that you keep using 'what' word for 'that' it's really different ze
1/29/2017 c1 Guest
Its gonna be a sweet 3 crossover if JSDF comes here. Will Ainz make a fake acting when he recognizes Japanese soldiers there?

Btw it would be interesting if there r 2 Gates
1/29/2017 c1 darpa-air-force
I dont care if the JSDF appears or not.
1/28/2017 c1 Idle
This is some good stuff.
1/28/2017 c1 deathmask83
genial historia sigue a si

ahora los mortales y dioses del otro lado de la puerta aprenderan a temer el poder de los 41
1/28/2017 c1 PoseidonisPlayz
Nice new story. I hope you update frequently, because the hype is real.
1/28/2017 c1 Guest
1/29/2017 c1 3TankMortal
One question. Is JSDF going to be in the story ? Interesting crossover, can't wait till next chapter.
1/28/2017 c1 Volfy790
This is great
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