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for Ruitegatchima wa Meco Bulo Shunsei no Shitawa Rihaya

9/22/2020 c3 GrumpyGrue
Yuigahama, highness of bitchness. Her blood type is O. Yui-ga-O! It's time to d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-duel!
9/22/2020 c2 GrumpyGrue
Hiratsuka is stronger than child Goku at the start of Dragonball. Scary!
9/22/2020 c1 GrumpyGrue
Lord of the Earrings
12/2/2019 c23 BorderLand
Hachiman is really chill about all this god stuff lately. The guy can either become God of creation of destruction and he is the decedent of Hearts? There is no way his life could be normal after something like this without even taking in consideration that he can annihilate the planet with one punch and is a demigod without Zamatsu.
12/2/2019 c14 BorderLand
I love this chapter, Zachiman made the best choice and I am proud of him for it. No one has any idea that god walks among them and their final judgement rest on the shoulders of a bunch of teenagers that are really bad at making good decisions.
12/2/2019 c13 BorderLand
I love how Zachiman demolishes everyone with words alone and he doesn't have to fear physical retaliation because he is the strongest being on the planet. In canon what he did might seem stupid but here he is a demi-god so he can do whatever the hell he wants and insult people as he pleases knowing that one half powered attack is enough to annihilate the planet.
11/27/2019 c24 2ArmantusCumPinnae
a little bit of both isnt so bad. if you are worried about breaking the dynamics, why not make a separate side stories fic that goes canon with the sequel. there you can choose the timing and what events that happened between chaps of the main fic
8/20/2019 c23 Jack o lantern
If there’s going to be a sequel for this I would like to say that I’m so worried about Sobu High’s future; having fujoshi of all people as a student council president. Well, I gotta say that this is the best OregairuxDBS so far (cuz there’s only one of it lol).
8/20/2019 c23 Bear Hugger
To think that there’s someone who still remember (or should I said give a f*ck about it) the time limit for the dead to stay and how stamina draining transformations have an effect on it.
8/17/2019 c23 Barbaric Hydra
Wow. Your entire tournament of power arc is pretty much said “Fuck Fairy Tail Bullshits”. Well, thanks for complete this and I won’t mind if there’s a sequel or not since I’m fine either ways.
8/4/2019 c23 tigerbomb1996
need sequel uWu
8/3/2019 c23 17duskrider
Rather interesting ending to the tornment.
8/3/2019 c23 Darkjaden
Thank you for such an interesting story and i have just one thing to say ... your numbers hurt my brain lol see ya later!
8/3/2019 c23 2ArmantusCumPinnae
noooooooo. ti a shame this is the last chap. you cant just put in a huge cliffhanger like 8man be the descendant of hearts and not continue on that. also it would be awesome if 8man goota deal with the other since his universe merged with the others. also the shpping for 8man is intense. what withe kale and caulifla. especially vados. damiit man the potential. please i hope this will get sequel. i dont care how long i must wait. woaargghhh!

on the other note. many thx for this story. it has been a wild ride and this has be to one the best oregairux DB crossover. more so that you actually completed the arc instead of others leaving it half way. so once again thank you for the hard work and i hope to see you next work( the sequel fo this. crossing ma heart XD). ceer good author and thanks once more
4/11/2019 c22 2DarkNight21
When does Hachiman come back!?
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