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for Kamen rider Lazer - no finish line

6/26/2018 c9 Wandering dude 1
This is awesome! :D
6/19/2017 c9 12ROCuevas
Quite interesting.
6/18/2017 c9 llat-2
I like it when canon is not followed. They broke away from the script of Roswaal's gospel book beautifully here if Kiriya didn't show up in it. I like not knowing where the story is going and that you are willing to do it.

Just remember that Crushe and Wilhelm get killed by the white whale without Subaru there to help according to Word of Tappei. Also that Felix, who had Crushe as his reason to live, would commit suicide because of his extreme dependence of the existence of Crushe. Would you like the Re:zero Ayamatsu translation link?

BTW I should comment about Priscilla's knight Al here. Al is apparently like Subaru in that he also claims to have been summoned to that world. In the WN, LN, and manga versions Rem went with Subaru when that greed of a pig thing happened with Priscilla. Rem mentioned to Subaru that Al smelled of witch miasma. When Subaru left Al asked about Ram and got pissed upon hearing that in his own words "That thing is still alive?" while releasing killing intent.
6/4/2017 c8 ROCuevas
Quite interesting chapter this was.
6/4/2017 c8 llat-2
Subaru actually took different alleys to avoid meeting those 3 but they were apparently more familiar with the streets. This fact is also not explained in the anime.
5/22/2017 c7 2TheUn-AwesomeMe
This was really fun to read! I've never read/watched Re:Zero, but you've got me interested in the world! I'm also really curious about Kiriya's role in this, and how he's also involved in the restarts.
I thought it was nest that when it first happened he just attributed it to game logic. It's sad that Kiriya restarted even though he "won" the fight, but I'm looking forward to see what happens next!
5/21/2017 c7 12ROCuevas
And time to restart the events.
5/21/2017 c7 timothy.nguyen.73
I was somewhat enjoying the chapter until you killed Coroner. This makes the story lose a unique and somewhat interesting new path, also coroners existence being now near irrelevant I think.

I know this is re:zero where your punish harshly for making mistakes. But that shouldn't stop the influence of a crossover. I'm don't know what this story is trying to prove to me anymore if Coroner's help is negated by fate(WitchOfEnvy).

Ill keep reading. Hopefully I won't have to drop this.
5/21/2017 c7 8KRKing
Gosh darn it! Why you mysterious eerie voice, did you kill Kiriya?! And why you keep asking yourself why his here? Then just ask him yourself mysterious eerie voice!
5/21/2017 c7 llat-2
Ah yeah... I was afraid you were one of the Anime-only readers. The thing about Elsa is that she is a vampire that has to be killed by burning her body or cutting her head off. If neither of those are done then Elsa just resurrects herself. Also she is shown to be able to fight with Garfiel (Who is on par with old Wilhelm in the S-rank tier) and hold on for a while. She still loses to Garfiel but she is the type of fighter who fights harder depending on how strong her opponent is. Though her fight with Garfiel was end loop of Arc 4 so...
Thanks for the update anyways.
4/17/2017 c6 12ROCuevas
Quite amazing work.
4/16/2017 c6 8KRKing
Wow! This is getting exciting! I hope the next chapter will come a little bit faster, well I don't care! The Chapter will be there if I wait patiently. So good luck man, continue your work and have a nice day!
3/26/2017 c5 12ROCuevas
Very good chapter this was.
3/26/2017 c5 8KRKing
Yeah it's weird killing Kiriya off, again. But this is getting exciting! And that Game Over doe! That means his death is different than Subaru, I assume? Keyword assume!
3/14/2017 c4 KRKing
Ahahaha yes! The beginning arc is almost finish and I'm so excited on the battle between the first enemy and Kiriya!
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