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1/29/2017 c1 3NellWill4015
Nice start... I'm looking forward for what the future holds
1/29/2017 c1 TORONTOSUN
I like how Rick had second thoughts about thinking of shooting her. I like the very last line in the chapter.
1/29/2017 c1 49Ilovetoread09
Ahh, the early stages of Caskett. Can't wait for the rest!
1/29/2017 c1 18madcrafter72
Wow, interesting post fic. I didnt think she would have shot him, but she was definitely confused about him pointing a gun at her
1/29/2017 c1 Cmdr. T
I've been waiting for this one!
1/29/2017 c1 Maryrose1123
A lovely start.
1/29/2017 c1 6Naniela
I love you!

Just sayin
1/29/2017 c1 Guest
Just wait until they do kiss.
1/29/2017 c1 woodchopper1963
Good Gravy, I just realized that you're doing episode by episode! I've got to go back and read the first two seasons to catch up. You are a hero, a maniac, and a God send. Keep on keeping on... Sorry, not exactly a review.
1/29/2017 c1 81822andallthat
Good point! We were made to think they were shooting at each other, so what if they each thought the same?
But she comes to his place at night and the world is more colorful. It's not nothing.
1/29/2017 c1 19Purple Satin
Love this! Thank you, Chez Chuckles!
1/29/2017 c1 9theputz913
Oh could that ending mean we will be revisiting that subject several episodes down the line? Please say yes! So excited for this series!
1/29/2017 c1 66Joyfully-Fascinating
I'm so happy to see this!
Thank you for your writing and for continuing the Castle story. :)
1/29/2017 c1 GoodByeApathy2
Oh, alerts from you make me so happy
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