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7/29/2017 c1 zach.izumi.7
i just love edna modes!
7/27/2017 c50 Rocker on
"I pretty much only recognize five of the characters you did, which is including you."

Deadpool suddenly pops out in front of me(Somehow.) and shoves tacos into my open mouth. "Shame on you! You are not cultured enough! Taste some Mexican jabanero-jalapeno sauce taco's! That 'oughta culture you!"

Have you ever tried the diablo sauce packets from Taco Bell? This is ten times worse. "AHHHHHH! DEADPOOL!" As I started chasing him around, the other guests dodging out of the way, Daddy Longlegs started playing an old western upright, while for some random reason everything turned black and white.

"Come on! Isn't there some water somewhere?!" I started chasing him around the edges of the room, over barrels, around strangely shaped box's, and through the weirdest looking giant-robot-head. I didn't even know Sunshine had one of those.

"Here, have a beer bub." Wolverine said as I ran past, somehow forcing one into my hands without slowing me down.

"Not what I had in my mind!" I said as I threw it ahead at Deapool, who somehow dodged while at the same time doing a weird disco move.

"Not today Rocker! I, I, I, I'm staying alive, staying alive!" I really hate it when he sings... "Just wash it down with more Taco's!" Again, he did the impossible and threw a bunch of tacos that were still warm behind him at me with one hand, while doing the disco-finger-point-thing with the other.

"THOSE ARE ALL SPICY SHELL TACO'S!" I yelled as I dodged the mexican food, and ended up tumbling over Batman and Captain America who were both discussing training exercises.

"What in Sam Hill-?" I managed to hear Cap say before running from both him and Batman(He was REALLY glaring at me. I may need therapy...) and resuming my chase of Deadpool, who was hanging upside-down from THE CEILING. Did I mention I was made of stone? And did I mention it was a BIG room? So me being stone, plus a high ceiling, equals possible fall where I shatter into millions of pieces, and need to get Humpty Dumpty'd. ...Again.

"How did he-?! Know what, I'll just get some milk first, and then I'll get him." My mouth was still burning. As I turned around, I saw the entire Bat-family staring at me, along with Captain America and Bucky. They all had paint-ball guns in their hands. "...Uh, that wouldn't happen to be for the mercenary up there, would it?" I started to run as Nightwing smiled a little TOO BIG.

"After him!" Bucky yelled as they charged. I started to feel objects hit the back of my jacket, which were no doubt ruining it.

I ducked behind a corner, and lo and behold, the object of my troubles was there. "Deadpool!"

"Rocker! Wow, it is fun to yell other people's names!"

"Sigh... Okay, could we call a truce, and agree to join the 'help-Rocker-not-to-get-killed-by-an-unholy-alliance' club?" I said hopefully.

"Hmm... Okay, but on two conditions." I heard the group getting closer to where I was.

"Okay, okay, what are they?!"

"One, I get to call you Bob."

"Absolutely not!"

"Fine, but two is much more drastic, and I definitely need this, or else no help for you." The team of painter's were starting to get closer. I think I could hear Cap grumbling.

"Okay, what is it?!" I hoped that it wasn't something like a fortress of stone, or some random quest wher-

"Two is I get to use your Lego's to make my fortress!" I deadpanned at this one.

"...Fine. Now can you help me get out of here?!"

"Sure!" And with him clutching onto my arm, we were gone in a poof of smoke, and back in my underground lair.

"Oh, there's no place like, there's no place like home, there's no place like home! Click click click!" I collapsed upon the conveniently placed toadstool, and sighed in relief. "Before you head back, could I write a note to give Sunshine?"

"Sure, knock yourself out! If you don't, I will." To emphasize his point, he raised a baseball bat, which again appeared out of nowhere.

"Please, just don't. Here goes." And I finally started to write.

Thanks for the last Chapter Sunshine! Nice to see that you got the last one out. I'm sure that everybody was happy with this one. I hope that you eventually feel nostalgiac, and start writing more chapters again, or make a sequel!

Edna Mode, Crystal Gems, Jenny's mom, Marry Poppins, and YOU were the ones I recognized. I saw a reference to Secret Saturday's up there with one mom, but i didn't recognize her, so that doesn't count. Wish that Ben 10 was in there... Next time.

The scary part of this chapter was the one with Deadpool's lady counterpart. Even if he did save me from certain doom at the hands of Batman...

I wonder what Deadpool spiked your drink with. Eh, you'll find out. Also, thanks for being a mom! And double thanks for inviting me! Seriously, it was totally unexpected.

*Cough* In the words of the captain, meant specifically for you, 'Language!' Sigh... Probably wont live that down, will I?

That's all I can think of to say for now. Until next time I review one of your stories, this has been Rocker on, telling you to rock on! Adios!

PS, Hi, Deadpool here! I just wanted to ask if you could find someone to adopt me and my story! I mean, who wouldn't want to adopt all my cheesy goodness and super-awesomness. Also, put in a word for Rocker's story in the reviews for 'A Father' to be adopted by someone too! Oh... He's chasing me! He's chasing me! Get away from me you overgrown statue! Phew, I'm at the party again! Anyway, get us both adopted please! I want a mother! Anyway, Chimichanga's!

7/27/2017 c50 8Tinian I'att
This was the best! I can't believe you even decided to put yourself in here. A party with all the parents huh? Now that would be wild.

Let's see I recognized, Carmen Sandiego, who I was surprised to see included because that never would have occurred to me. The whole Wreck-It-Ralph thing was also unexpected, the minute Iron Man started taking about going Turbo I knew what was up. Ah the Addams Family because why not. Edna Mode from the Incredibles really is too freaking perfect for this. She can design the perfect suit for all of Spidey's crime fighting needs. Mary Poppins, I would never have thought of her, makes me wish I'd suggested Nanny McPhee, but that would have been pretty similar I imagine. The Wild Thornberrys also unexpected, but it could work.

Sorry to see this story come to an end. It's been fun.
7/27/2017 c50 242Marsetta
I knew all but one, I've never even heard of Kill la Kill. I loved them all! I love especially that you! We're! A! Mother! That was awesome! I wish there was more... sad face.
7/27/2017 c50 2Moka Cocoa
yoooooooooo ohhh my god this is the best
7/27/2017 c50 79SneaselXRiolu
Goatmom: I would've done Muffet, or even just an NPC so they could have Peter have a strange look at the other human running around. But this is believebly done.
Queen Moon: If Peter was there the entirety of Star's visit to Earth... Would he go with her, or stay on Mewni? Also like the call back to monsters on Mewni.
Ragyou Kiriyuin: This mom is too messed up. I wonder how Peter would react to finding Ryoko?
Muriel: Believable. I wonder what Peter would do with all the paranormal shiz that goes on...
Calhoun: A magical good guy who fixes things, and a general who kills Cybugs make a super-hero. That makes... a lot of sense actually.
Crystal Gems: I can just imagine Steven telling Connie that he has a new family member that's not a mom or aunt.
Eris: This seems like the March Hare chapter again. Not that I'm complaining.
Nora Wakeman: So does Peter go outside at all, so that Tuck and Brad think that a normal family live there?
Melancholy's Sunshine: Enjoy your new son!

I'm planning on makeing 2 different stories that are vaugly similar.

1. It's baby, Spi-der Man. Living with Muffet!
2. A Family (Undertale)

I'm sorry, but Undertale is just too broad of endings and interpritations that it's easy to create stories for it.
7/26/2017 c49 8Tinian I'att
This was interesting. I wasn't aware that Doc Ock had a student/admirer. I can't wait to see what you have in store for us in Chapter 50. I know it's going to be great.
7/26/2017 c49 Rocker on
An octopus themed mother... I had no idea that there was such a thing as a female Doc Ock. But now I do know, and I can't unlearn that. Well, not easily anyway. Might get hit in the head with a rock and get amnesia. That wouldn't be fun.

Okay, so for chapter fifty, at the tippity toppity of my list for suggestions i having YOU do it. C'mon, we all know Deadpool(Thank goodness he didn't end up being a mother) will get you to do it one way or another. Besides, I'm sure some of the other fans want it to happen, eh? So, could you? Pretty please? With a web on top?
7/26/2017 c49 24OfficialUSMWriter
Whoa! I didn't even know Doc Ock had an admirer! Wow, that's awesome!
7/26/2017 c48 OfficialUSMWriter
And then Peter joins shield! :) I love it!
7/26/2017 c47 OfficialUSMWriter
Oh my gosh! Eddie! I think I actually like the thought of Eddie being Peter's dad!
7/26/2017 c46 OfficialUSMWriter
Ohh, maybe Clint can be a somewhat uncle! Uncle Clint! .
7/26/2017 c45 OfficialUSMWriter
Whoa! Its at times like these that I realize there's still a lot about Marvel that I don't know!
7/26/2017 c48 Rocker on
Well, that's an interesting choice of a mother for Pete. Than again, all of them are! Oh, and by the way, in the second to last paragraph(The one before you say who the mother is) you said Fury watched her with cold and calculating EYES. Plural. Not the usual singular. Did he regenerate one? Nah, just a typo or something like that.
7/26/2017 c49 79SneaselXRiolu
Everything You Know is Wrong! Black is white, up is down, and short is long!
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