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for A mother

7/25/2017 c49 242Marsetta
Oh my gosh oh my gosh I can't! Wait!
7/25/2017 c48 8Tinian I'att
Don't know this character, but then, there are a lot of Marvel characters I've apparently never heard of. Good chapter though, Karima obviously wants to be a good mother to Peter. Only one more chapter to go and then we reach 50. I can hardly wait to see what you come up with next.
7/25/2017 c47 Tinian I'att
I figured this had something to do with Venom from the title, but I wasn't expecting this. Cool chapter, I liked it. Now, on to the next one.
7/25/2017 c47 Rocker on
Wow. Just, wow. Brock's wife? You've gotta be joshing me! unbelievably, unbelievable! I did not expect that. So, they both have Venom powers? That just adds to the already awesome crazy of their adoptive child being Spider-man. Hopefully they sort out their family issues... Hopefully.

Okay, so for chapter fifty, how about Miley's mom from Hannah Montana? Eh, probably not that one, but it's better than nothing. Maleficent from Disney? Or Cinderella even? Maybe Cinderella's stepmother? Heh, that would be funny.

Well, all I can think of for now! Until next review, this has been Rocker on, telling you to rock on! Gotta go fast!
7/25/2017 c47 Yo
You could do frieda, thor and loki's mother
7/25/2017 c47 1Serkeru
Princess Celestia from My little pony friendship is magic.
7/21/2017 c46 8Tinian I'att
Tracksuit Draculas? Really? Who comes up with these things? That's got to be the most ridiculous name I've ever heard. Good chapter though, makes me wonder what you have planned next.
7/20/2017 c46 Rocker on
Huh. Clint's New York neighbor. That's surprising. Is it okay if I suggest that one waitress from the first Avengers movie? The one that Ol' Cap saved? I believe she was the last one to be viewed on the screens by the S.H.I.E.L.D. counsel.
7/19/2017 c45 Tinian I'att
This one was kind of sad. Poor Peter caught up in someone else's madness. Very much looking forward to Chapter 50. Hey, what about Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl? She'd make a good mom.
7/18/2017 c45 bellekitten
For chapter 50, how about the Lady from Little nightmares? The idea of Peter constantly trying to save kids from being eaten and being allies with Six is quite interesting.
7/18/2017 c45 Rocker on
Ooh, how about Tauriel from the Hobbit? She would be a good mother for ol' Pete, right? Eh, she wasn't even supposed to be in that movie, so why not add a spider-themed superhero too? That would be fun!

Another... Interesting, chapter. I had absolutely no idea that there was a character called 'Nanny' that looked like an egg in Marvel. That is just weird. But Orphan-Maker sounds very cool. I wonder if he would be willing to let my Marvel self live due to the super-awesome powers of super-awesomeness. ...What? I like super awesome powers.

Hmm... I might have another one... Just let me think for a moment... Ah, how about Bonnie Anne from Pirate101? That would be AWESOME! Who wouldn't want to see a video game spider, eh?

That's all I've got for this one. Until next review, this has been Rocker on, telling you to rock on! Adios!
7/18/2017 c45 2Moka Cocoa
I have a few candidates: Psylocke (I don't know if shes been done yet), Domino, Spectrum (Monica Rambeau)(She was Captain Marvel at one point), and/or Dr. Cecilia Reyes

Uhh, some of these might be DC but i'm not entirely sure,,
7/18/2017 c45 1Serkeru
Valka or Astrid from How to train your dragon
7/14/2017 c44 24OfficialUSMWriter
Heeheehee a grumpy and soaked Peter is adorable! :3 And we get to see Logan too! How awesome!
7/14/2017 c43 OfficialUSMWriter
Oh my gosh, have you watched Spider-Man: Homecoming yet? Pepper has a brief glimpse in in and it was awesome!
THis got me super excited!
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