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7/9/2017 c42 Guest
That is so cool! I like Peter's and Maureen's interaction between each other.
7/6/2017 c41 AgentOracle33
It would be cool if you could include Sergeant Calhoun somehow from Wreck-it-Ralph. I don't know how it would happen, but it would be cool.
7/6/2017 c41 1SuperheroFangirl
Alright, so I've been watching a lot of Wander Over Yonder. So what if, for chapter 50 when you do the non-marvel moms, you include Lord Dominator from Wander Over Yonder?
What about one of the girl countrys from hetalia for 50
7/4/2017 c41 8Tinian I'att
I've never heard of these ladies, but I kind of wish I had they sound so intriguing. Looking forward to whatever you come up with next, especially chapter 50. If it's anything like what you came up with for "A Father" it should be really great.
7/4/2017 c40 Tinian I'att
This was interesting. Poor Peter, getting hauled around by his ear I guess that's what comes of showing off. Well, on to the next chapter.
7/4/2017 c41 79SneaselXRiolu
Hi, um, if you're going to do something special for the Mom for chapter 50... I do have two requests.

We...are the Crystal... For the chapter 50.

And I would like to see Maureen Green also a mom for another chapter.
7/4/2017 c41 Rocker on
Wait, wait, so you gave Peter a group of Nuns as his mom, and put the scene that you show them in as them getting ready to kill a Demon in New York? Wow, that seems fitting, while also slightly scary. A Gun happy Spiderman is something that the world doesn't need. Now a WEB happy Spiderman would be fun to watch.

Okay, so I guess I should start giving moms for chapter 50? Right now, I've got Sandra Tennyson from Ben 10, Wonder Woman from DC, Lydia from a popular webcomic called Trader Lydia, Doctor Holiday from Generator Rex, Karai from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles(Or you could do April), one of the Doctor's female companions from Doctor Who, and Jennifer Knight from Big Time Rush. That's about it for now.

Until next review, this has been Rocker on, telling you to rock on! A-S-T-A! (Lavista!)
7/2/2017 c39 Rocker on
Wow. We're getting into vampires now... Am I detecting werewolves next possibly? Perhaps a female mummy or two? Cleopatra maybe? Eh, I wouldn't know. This story is getting weird though, you can't deny that.

Aside from Cleopatra, I've got nothing to suggest. Until next review, this has been Rocker on, telling you to rock on! Avenger's, disassemble!
7/2/2017 c38 Rocker on
Yup, that's right Peter, hide behind the symbol of everything good and right in the Marvel universe, and use it to defend yourself from the daughter of the literal Satan of that universe. Man, this story is getting messed up...
6/30/2017 c39 Abigaming
Could you do a Pepper Potts chapter? I can imagine Tony having an aweful reaction or a scene where he saves spidey in an accident and Pepper chews them both out.
6/29/2017 c39 SneaselXRiolu
But it's not even the spooky month!
6/29/2017 c38 SneaselXRiolu
Well, that's awkward.
6/29/2017 c37 SneaselXRiolu
So, a villain or anti-hero?
6/29/2017 c36 SneaselXRiolu
The raven is like a writing desk, because they make notes. Also, Edgar Allen Poe.
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