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for Life During Wartime

6/22/2021 c17 G F
Only the Green grass home was destroyed. Not the business. (At least, you never said the business was in the same location as the home) Why would Daphne need to hire more employees?
"... start the search for this Harry person."
Scott KNOWS who Harry Potter is AND what he means to Hermione!
6/22/2021 c16 G F
"... as he cast the spell to apparate."

I take back everything nice I thought of you. Movie watching usurper! Probably never even READ the books!

Grrrrr! There is NO spell to apparate. Steal book 5 from some tween you know and look up Wilkie Twycross!
And double Grrrrr!
"The body bind curse" is not the 'ropes wrapping around her torso' spell! The body bind 'Petrificus Totalis' causes your arms and legs to snap tight to your body, your body to go rigid, and only your eyes can move. You cannot even talk. 'Petrify' is what it does. 'Incarcerous' - is the ropes spell.
6/22/2021 c14 GF
I kept waiting for the 'dream' to be some kind of deception with hallucinagenics or something, and the wasps or whatever were conjured like Hermione's bird swarm.
Speaking of old songs, if Staci is this hot, what about "Staci's mom"?
6/21/2021 c13 G Fawkes
Letting the days go by
Water pouring on the ground
Once in a lifetime

Oh no! Look at me! I'm plaguerising! Nana booboo!

Effing wanker, stick up the ass, and liking it!

(aforementioned reviewer, not the author)
6/21/2021 c12 G Fawkes
Summer of 1983, the year I graduated High School, and my first job as a lifeguard, the catch phrase of the summer- was "cool babies!" Overused to the point of nausea, but still awesome, we played beach volleyball on hour breaks between guarding, and ALL of the 'cool people' were there. I'm sure I wouldn't have even been included except it was MY ball, and they had to wait for me to play. (grin)
Seeing "cool babies" in the lyrics, and I had never associated the song with that summer before, brought back that awesome memory!
6/20/2021 c11 GF
Have you ever dropped your eaves before? Know anyone who did? No? That's because 'eavesdroppers' is one word, and 'eaves dropper' is an oxymoron, gibberish and, makes no sense at all.
Eaves are the overhang on a house, where you attach the gutter and downspouts. Can't pick them up. Can't drop them. There is no possible way to BE an eaves dropper. Ok, maybe a demolition crew, tearing a house down, could conceivably CUT the eaves off of a house, and then DROP them. Making eaves dropping an actual thing.
6/20/2021 c10 G Fawkes
The characters in JKR's sandbox, ficworld, fictional witches and wizards we know and love or hate- don't call Tom Riddle 'the Dark Lord' unless they are supporters, sympathizers, or Death Eaters. Harry- doesn't say 'Dark Lord'. Kingsley, doesn't say it. Anyone Light, don't say it. Dork Lord, Dark Wanker, Voldyshorts, Squirrellmort... any , all, and many other options, yes.
6/19/2021 c6 GF
"No, Mr. Bond. I expect you to die!"
Was that "Live and Let Die"?

(James Bond for the really clueless)
6/19/2021 c5 G Fawkes
Sorry if I botch it...

This is not my beautiful house.
This is not my beautiful wife.
And you should ask yourself,
Why am I here?
6/18/2021 c2 G Fawkes
I know it's supposed to be combative, confrontational, and controversial, but the cabinet wants Kingsley to answer for twenty years of crimes, and he's only been there for four days. Plus, he WAS working for THEM!
Whomever made 'the list' is woefully uninformed. Abbot, McMillen, Weasley, Potter, and Ollivander are hardly at risk of turning. Where are they getting their Intel?
6/18/2021 c1 G Fawkes
Uh, plot hole!?
Kingsley worked FOR THE PRIME MINISTER during the war. THAT was his assignment. 10 Dowing Street! He knows Tony Blair, all the Ministers, and anyone they could have sent.
In Canon.
6/5/2021 c25 Marj
A very different take on a Harry Potter fanfic. Well written and perfectly feasible. And I did like the epilogue more than I ever liked Rowling's epilogue. So thank you. :)
4/23/2021 c25 K
Another great story. Well done.
4/23/2021 c1 Nate
Interesting Idea ruined by shitty super OCs
1/8/2021 c2 Schnuff
I guess that it for me.
Let me explain: I can understand if the government sees the magical as dangerous.
And yes, they would seek to either control them (make them into their secret weapons) or eliminate them.
BUT just eleminate whole families because they are of old blood...what would they accomplish with that? The magicals would
react if they found evidence that one of them was killed by normales...aka the next war, only this time every witch/wizzard would seek to eliminate muggles.
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