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for Life During Wartime

7/22/2020 c25 PTHC.FFN.CAD
This story is like a Platypus, it has little bit of everything, but when I finished it and stand back, I just ask myself exactly what have I been reading.

The magical versus muggle government story arc has good tension despite some glaring plot holes (e.g., how a supposed intelligence agency failed to gather proper, credible intelligence.) The tension of the initially story then reduced drastically when you add a last-minute tack on training oversea story segment then mixed with few romance subplots that's both disturbing and unrealistic. It's a mess.

The story lost its enjoyment for me when you fail to portray realistically and believably of human interactions, emotions and conditions on several key character. Most notably, your Harry Potter.

There is no apparent explanation of his lack of grieve when the news broke on the death of Weasley family. Same thing happened with the character Fleur in your story. It is very unrealistic for young widow (that was in love with her husband) to have no emotion scaring (after lost the said husband.) Then to have a disturbing will they / won't they romance hinted at.

I have read your other works before and this story lacks effort. Maybe take a break and do something else?

Thank you for trying and sharing your work!
7/22/2020 c25 Silky Button
I was very hesitant to read this after the initial description... but now I'm glad I took the plunge.
Love what you did with this and I'm happy with where it ended.

Great work!
7/4/2020 c25 211GryffindorTom
i liked it, a few twists and turns and a shocking ultimate villain.
7/2/2020 c9 14Freddie Rindklip
Barnes and Middleton are the villains. They are taking out bad wizards, but...
7/2/2020 c4 Freddie Rindklip
Very interesting fic. Thank you for writing.
6/17/2020 c3 1Almanaro Alcarafinwe
This is truly excellent. Finally, someone recognises how it would be if magic was discovered. Most of the fics on this site is "wizards bad, muggles good ree"
4/23/2020 c25 Hobbyfarmer
Great story. Too bad you made Hermione a complete moron. I also think the should have told Draco her identity. To me only minor issues. Thanks for the great story.
4/22/2020 c19 Hobbyfarmer
I have loved your story. Even this chapter. I do think you made Hermione dense though, which is too bad :) maybe she will be smarter in the future chapters.
4/7/2020 c3 Rakuvata Savadi
this is a bloody snuff fic! "oh just because some families are related to each other and are pureblood due to constant inbreeding all purebloods gotta die!" No offense but this shit is something i'd expect from a terrorist cell more then anything. I get the non magical military wanting to get rid of all the former and suspected death eaters who survived the second blood war but the weaslys? who have been according to their sources been on the side of the light this entire time? Yea... i'm finding this hard to read I am gonna keep reading it though in hopes you turn this into something other then a snuff fic of every pureblood character in the damn series... expect to hear from me again...
4/8/2020 c25 AncientOak
Thanks for writing!
4/7/2020 c1 3Hiten Mitsurugi Battosai
posting this on the first chapter since i'm now done with this story. When i first started reading this, especially after chapters 2- 6, all i could think is, wow this author is bashing all pure bloods harshly. But as i kept reading i realized you were cleverly world building and i'll admit the end results were well done. That said i will admit, its not ever gonna be my favorite fic to re-read but i will give credit where credit due. you are a expert of the art of plot twist.
3/29/2020 c3 1Arodain
I just started reading this and i think you have a very nice idea to start with... with all the attacks voldemort did on muggle territory, who are we to assume that the muggles didn't start to do something about wizards and witches? It will be interesting to see how magic matches up with science and technology later on.
3/5/2020 c25 Guest
Great story! I really enjoyed it. My only regret is that I don't really like Daphne and she certainly was a bitch when you first introduced he so I didn't enjoy harry/daphne. I'd have preferred harry to fall for the new knock out hermione.
3/5/2020 c22 Guest
Why is harry trusting 008 when he just tried to kill him?
3/4/2020 c2 Guest
Poor harry; he can't catch a break.
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