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for The Swallow and the Dragon

4/25 c30 Talonwalker
Great story! Thanks!
4/11 c30 WeisseHex
Awesome story, thank you for writing this for us!
4/10 c30 DarkAres12
damn this fanfic did give a lot of cringe and be a little edgy besides the lousy job that Harry was a fucking Gary stu in every sense of the word but it was still one of the fanfics with the best writing and narrative that I have found
4/10 c19 WeisseHex
4/9 c10 WeisseHex
Ha! I just knew that Harry took precautions with this 'sorcerer'! Smart, having a few 'spy ravens'!
4/9 c7 WeisseHex
Oh NOOOOO! Harry has been fooled! Now what?
4/9 c23 1greenstreak12
ya know... this is the point that I realized that harry is a yonder. so ya
4/1 c6 Tenjo
Why is he even interacting with the world?

I’m not a big proponent of the butterfly effect, but he’s actively altering things directly related to the story and has been making changes to other things for a freaking century. He checked to make sure Ciri was the one he knew, but all that implies is that he knew his actions could result in her never being born yet he interfered anyway.

Even now his actions may result in her never going to his world, meaning she’ll never meet Harry Potter as his Ciri did.

Which means all you’ve been doing is have him change things without actually changing anything, making every single thing he’s done in the past four chapters redundant. There was no point to any of it.
3/31 c1 Tenjo
You don’t need to make him recount the whole thing to her in detail. You could have just said he explained it to her in the narration, or you could have made him shorten the explanation to her much more… “Those men ambushed you on my property and I heard it while going for a stroll, so I stepped in and brought you into my home” or something to that effect.

We already saw the scene, from two perspectives no less so there was no reason to recount the whole thing again.
3/18 c30 ElementalMaster16
This is a fun Story! I had a great time reading it.
3/11 c1 Admiral M
I have never even seen the Witcher, and know nothing about it, yet your story was so well written that I was able to understand everything and enjoy the plot anyways. This is a perfect example of good fanfiction. Keep up the amazing writing!
3/9 c30 5hartman227
What a ride. Loved every word. Great job.
3/8 c6 Regtech
Harry fought his instincts to not save those people and Ciris people, all so he may meet her again one day. I wonder how that conversation is going to end
2/27 c30 Light15
just finished this story... not even sure how i got here, I was looking for star wars the clone wars stuff honestly. but as soon as i started i couldnt put my phone down, truly a wonderful, if very unexpected crossover. Never thought the witcher and harry potter would have a good x story, but you somehow pulled it off. I need more harry/Ciri now, so I'll be off trying to find that. Ciao! and hopefully you can make that other hp/ciri story you mentioned at the end just as good as this one
2/17 c3 Makimass
Massive timeskip, that's just lazy writing..
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