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for Merged Galaxy Part 1: Tenuous Pacts

7/19/2020 c4 highlander348
Is this story dead?
3/25/2020 c3 1Dieter Westphal
BC-304s are 650 meters the 400 meters dont make any since but its life great story
12/5/2019 c21 2 COLD
And man I just read your bio and yeah man I feel you. The halo series have been a part of my life since I was really young and then 343 industries just comes and screws it all up.

I mean I have like a whole universe of halo in my mine. Like can see it as a whole and not the squandered garbage that as you said is today.

I honestly think that halo needs a restart from the beginning of the human covenant war because none of the games portray the dire and horrific nature of such a large scale conflict.

And now with all the new gaming tech they should be able to accomplish wonders in that regard...

Because it’s sad to say that ultimately no matter how good halo 2 was in its release was never actually fully completed and was rushed due to hardware limitations of the original Xbox.

I mean imagine playing as a Spartan. ODST. Or marine from the start through to the end of the covenant war. It’s be awesome as well as harrowing and horrific from all the atrocities and decisions to be made.

But they still need to use more of the original music from halo 1-3 because to me halomisnt halo without the original music because each soundtrack tells it’s own story... when I listen to the music I can feel and see what kind of situation is going on and happening on the halo verse of that makes sense because it’s such powerful moving music that would fits in well with humanity being pushed to the brink at every turn and having to survive against all odds.

Anyway man i just wanted to say that I agree that 343 has screwed halo in so many ways... especially how master chief becomes a broken chatter box who can’t keep it together I mean how low.

Anyway man I sure hope you do update peace out
12/5/2019 c21 COLD
Nice story man really good and interesting... it’s better that two whole galaxy’s are together than splintered groups in each respective universe.

Though the brutes are a little OP considering the Chief has killed countless brutes and Chieftains for that matter but alas it’s an excellent read.

I really hope you continue this amazing instalment in the next update or next story as the part one in the title suggests more.

So I thank you for all your hard work.

And also what happened with red team of the spartan II’s... have they been found at this point or are they yet to be found. Or will it follow the path of halo 6 ( not that it’s a good storyline because they fucked halo anyway at this point) or will the spirit of fire be found drifting.

And also it’s pretty BS that blue team was the only survivors as there is red team still and also Spartan grey team went missing pretty early on in their own covert prowler and where stranded in cryo.( I mean at first the chief was the only supposed Spartan II just so it wouldn’t conflict with the earlier games. Because in reality a fair few more would of survived)

Hell their would have to be still Spartan III’s scattered around possibly stranded on forgotten worlds and shit too. It’s just the early old halo games did restrict that perspective especially halo reach... its BS everyone died solely so it wouldn’t conflict with halo one and so on.

Anyway I’m just rambling but the thing is. Is that in many ways the Spartan II’s are humanity’s first step in reclaiming what they lost in the fourunner flood wars eons earlier. They are more than just soldiers they are humanity’s next evolution basically to a better less fragile species and that is what a lot of people don’t care about when they still just kill off the first proper Spartans... because the Spartan IV’s are a farcry from the Ii’s nd even the III’s no matter how much their talked up...

Anyway I hope to read more soon some day and to see how the next lot turns out...

Peace man and take care and good luck
7/24/2019 c21 Mwsa
Why are all the good stories dead? Please dont be dead.
7/7/2019 c21 Guest
Miss this story
5/26/2019 c21 1Arekanderu
What a fascinating story. I am loving. The way you merge the two universes is great and your attention to detail specifically the politics and logistics is top notch. I am also impressed with your decision for the story to focus on secondary characters rather then the lead. It's a fascinating angle for a story and makes me even more eager to learn more about the larger picture

Great job! Can't wait for the next chapter
3/28/2019 c21 chloe
Miss this story
2/16/2019 c21 Guest
Four months since the last update, always happens with the good stories updated before a Xmas. Take a deserved break at Xmas and then end up never continuing the story in the New Year
1/13/2019 c21 pKmAN
really enjoying this story! could you please elaborate in the coming chapter struggle between the free Jaffa (i.e. the consortium) and the military. I feel that the Military should retaliate by withdrawing their support to the antagonistic parts of the Jaffa society in a balanced way (i.e. with minium collateral damage to the drug addicts).
1/11/2019 c21 Chloe
Been a while since the last chapter! - Busy, Writers Block?
1/1/2019 c21 Guest
Please update soon
12/4/2018 c21 Oliver
Please sir, I want some more!
11/1/2018 c21 6LoneWolf1968
Definitely looking forward to more...
10/21/2018 c21 1Pootsoup
The UNSC is still unaware of just how much hurt one of those dainty little Earth Frigates can put out?

Will we ever see mention of the USAF & USNC Navy getting off their collective asses and doing things?
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