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for Past, Truths and Outcome

1/4 c5 Dogs9502
Please update soon. Good story so far.
3/3/2018 c4 3Fairyvixenmaiden
OMG! That's all I can say for the moment.

That and I can't wait for more!

Please update ASAP!
2/28/2018 c5 13foxchick1
I can't wait to see what happens next.
2/9/2018 c2 Sageofchaos
hope to read more.
11/12/2017 c1 Guest
update all of ur ghost hunt fanfic love it all
11/9/2017 c2 3LadyHawke361
I'm sorry it took so long to review. I've been dealing with sickness in the family so have not had much time to do a lot of reading or writing. I'm trying to work on the next chapter of 'The Darkside of Paradise' but it could take a while. I know what I want to happen, but getting it down so it reads correctly is taking a bit.

I'm enjoying your rework! Keep up the good work! I'm off to read the next chapter!
8/3/2017 c2 Guest
7/3/2017 c1 10LunaSetsuna
Ok I know I got an email saying the second chapter was up, however it's not physically here.
6/30/2017 c1 13Nagisa Maeda
Well done on the great chapter. Cannot wait for the next chapter!
5/24/2017 c7 Nagisa Maeda
Great chapter! I loved how you captured the characters personality in this story. Keep up the great work! Can't wait for the next chapter!
5/12/2017 c6 Avery696
Agggghhh what a cliffhanger ! GOOD JOB BTW !
4/6/2017 c6 1blue hummming bird
mais got a twin right? update soon
4/6/2017 c1 blue hummming bird
loving the story please up date soon. I need to know what happens next
3/23/2017 c1 3LadyHawke361
Yay! Thought I should check out your Ghost Hunt story. I'll follow. I hope you keep writing too!
2/25/2017 c4 1xSapphirexRosesxFanx
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