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9/7/2020 c6 45WeirdLittleStories
I'm re-reading this and just wanted to say that this is a brilliant idea for a story! Getting TOS Kirk's soul into Kelvin-Kirk's body when it's revived is something I haven't seen anyone else do, and it's a really interesting dilemma.
7/22/2020 c3 jacburginjr
great start
4/12/2020 c11 1KatK91
I enjoyed the originality of this one. Great job weaving together various series and plot lines to create this story. It’s always heart warming when Old Spock reunites with his Captain Kirk. Thanks again. I’m enjoying your body of work.
9/15/2019 c11 Owyheewinds
Thank you! You mentioned in, I believe, an A/N, that you were not going to let this story turn into an epic. I pouted a bit about that. I could not put your story down, except once when I was forced to. Your writing these characters beats many of latter day TOS' pants off. This was very satisfying. I hope you have commercial success, your writing is up for it!
9/14/2019 c6 Owyheewinds
Wow. Pathos, deep pain, breathtaking sorrow with transcendence I love how your writing makes me feel that I, too, am in that room watching Thank you!
4/4/2019 c11 34Kay Hau
Yay! You’ve gotta love reunion fics! Great job and love the ending!
3/8/2018 c11 9Heartwing
This was very good, and I'm glad it ended the way it did. I was prepared for a bittersweet ending, but this is better!
9/2/2017 c11 10royalpinkdogs
man oh man
I read this all in one go...and it's amazing. thank you for it!

(I've been a Star Trek fan since 1966, I met all the cast of TOS hither and yon, and became a HS science teacher to prepare the next generation (hah) for improving our world with science and knowledge and thinking purely because of what Star Trek had taught me.)

Thank you for combining the elements so integral to ST in this superb telling of the tale.
9/2/2017 c4 royalpinkdogs
I'm just discovering this and am only able to pause between chapters 4 and 5 to say...WOW. Why wasn't THIS the story in STB?
8/27/2017 c11 LaurielS
Uh, I'm going to have to re read this story a couple of times to fully get what's happening (how did TOS Kirk manage to come to this timeline without messing up the other timeline...? ) ... but this idea is awesome! I really really loved the ending, and I'm only kinda sad that McCoy didn't get to meet TOS McCoy, because the resultant set of two trios would be hilarious and possibly too troublesome for the Federation to manage. I love how you are able to write TOS-Kirk and TOS-Spock differently from the reboot-I personally have some trouble, although I know both of them speak and behave very differently. Overall, a wonderful job, and I absolutely loved this story (and really all the stories you write!)
8/8/2017 c11 Guest
Awesome story, and you managed to give it a happy ending!
6/6/2017 c11 3Inkling Blotspot
Oh my gosh this is so beautiful. It's been ages since I checked your profile and you have so much new work! Thank you thank you!

Also: I was trying to read this and cook dinner at the same time, and when TOS Kirk showed up for keeps I put the phone down and finished chopping onions so I could blame them on my emotions.
5/25/2017 c11 45WeirdLittleStories
Thanks for a fun ride!

I don't quite get, though, why Spock the Elder is calling Kirk the Elder "Admiral" in this chapter. Kirk was demoted to captain at the end of Star Trek IV, and he was a captain in both Star Trek VI and in Generations, so he should have been a captain the last time Spock saw him (which presumably was sometime between TUC and Generations).
5/25/2017 c5 WeirdLittleStories
Oh, my. That last line!
5/25/2017 c4 WeirdLittleStories
I love it that the AOS crew can see the differences between TOS Kirk and AOS Kirk so clearly. The thing I like best about your stories is how very well you know, understand, and reproduce the TOS characters, and that ability has stood you in great stead here.

I adore this section: "the man shoots them all a glare of frustration before moving to the navigation console and falling to work on the unfamiliar controls with a single-minded ferocity that betrays more than anything else just how very not their Captain Kirk he is. Jim is without question one of the most brilliant humans Spock knows – but his methods are not this laser-focused, not this powerfully magnetic. This is the dangerous intensity that can only come with experience."

Spock has always been my favorite character, but Kirk is hugely important, too, and seeing REAL Kirk in action is very satisfying.
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